The Republican National Committee (RNC) recently announced its 2016 campaign platform. Something that is not surprising is that they will not be supporting medical cannabis or stop the drug war during 2016. Although not surprising, this is ridiculous considering that they would rather do something such as build Trump’s wall between the United States and Mexico, and consider pornography a “public health crisis.” The Republican Party’s national convention is going to happen in less than a week. The RNC has decided not to endorse medical cannabis legalization and will not support ending the war on drugs.

On Monday, numerous delegates trying to set up an extremely conservative platform are going against states’ rights to legalize medical marijuana. If it were inhaled medicine, it would be a bit reasonable, but they will not even allow non-smokeable, non-intoxicating cannabis products for a reason pertaining to health conditions. The proposed bill by Maine delegate Eric Brakey merely asked that Republicans support the idea of letting seriously sick children use cannabis oil when no other medicine has worked for the,

This proposal ended up unintentionally starting a huge fight in the middle of a debate in Cleveland, with several delegates using common reefer madness arguments in order to ensure that there is not even a mention of cannabis in their platform. One delegate from Utah stated that there was not enough scientific evidence, and there has been proof that cannabis use leads to some awful health issues.

We know that these arguments are not true, though. There have recently been two instances of medical marijuana being useful to patients. There have also been studies indicating that marijuana does not cause any long-term health issues. If children who find themselves reducing the number of seizures they experience daily in a significant way is not enough proof of potential benefits for the drug, then nobody can be sure as to what is.

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