In recent marijuana news Denver City officials have currently halted certain sales of legal cannabis because large amounts of crops from various grow companies have been mixed with unapproved pesticides.

Out of 11 grow sites that were temporarily halted LivWell a growing company had more than 50,000 crops that were contaminated by the pesticides, “We do not use any banned pesticide in our grow,” owner John Lord stated. “We take this very, very seriously. We take public health very, very seriously. We do not feel there is a concern.” However businesses can proceed with growing their crop but the sale of it is blocked; the last thing city officials want is a health risk.

It is still not clear on where these crops were in the midst of the growing process but some growers have been known to cut corners by using pesticides that can potentially be harmful to humans. Denver City officials went to work after waiting months for Colorado counterparts to start a long overdue state monitoring program for contaminates to avoid the current situation Denver is experiencing.

“This is an initiative that Denver is taking on to really make sure consumers do not get into harm’s way,” stated Danica Lee with the Denver Department of Environmental Health. “It is fair to say there are some practices out there that could pose a public health risk, and we are intervening in those cases.”

The pesticide known as Eagle 20 which Denver has stated to be a health issue if inhaled while smoking pot, is the reason why One Grow, RINO Supply, will have destroyed close to 2,000 plants after Denver placed the crops in what amounts to a city enforced quarantine.

Currently City officials and growers are working on trying to fix the issue so quality medical grade cannabis may soon be available for customers and patients without the potential risk of inhaling harmful pesticides.

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