The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has voted to accept temporary rules that would run Oregon’s retail marijuana industry as soon as it goes live next year. The rules limit the amount of grow sites and separate medicare and recreational marijuana businesses. The use of marijuana on-site would also be restricted along with the delivery of marijuana. These rules will become effective from Jan. 1 to June 28, 2016. Tim Smith from Wilsonville states that he hopes to have a business that would see cannabis and other items related. He added that he will not have deliveries at first because of his employees’ safety.

“If I send someone out to make a delivery, are they going to be robbed, is somebody going to overpower them?” Smith stated. “It’s inviting some problems.”

“The home delivery issue, I was a little surprised that even the industry was not supportive generally of the home delivery provisions. So some of those things need to get teased out. We’re looking for legislative direction,” stated OLCC Chairman, Rob Patridge.

As previously mentioned, there are many restrictions with home delivery. The temporary draft rules state that the delivery cannot be made to any dorm, hotel, motel, bed, and breakfast, or any other commercial business. Also, drivers will not be able to carry over $100 worth of pot and cannot deliver to the same location more than once a day. Orders would need to be made before 4 p.m. and made before 9 p.m. Other rules include “no free samples and, once pot shops open up, no coupons.” Those who made the rules say that it has been a positive experience.

“I think they’re doing a great job because they really are listening,” Tom Flores, who works with High Desert Pure, a company that makes medical-marijuana products, said. “I think they’ve done a good job at establishing some temporary rules. This sort of gives us a guide now to go on for final rules.”

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