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New Colombia Resources Inc. Continues Moving Coal to Port and Increasing Sales with More Contracts Pending

Each truck delivered to port carries on average 34 tonnes, New Colombia delivers the coal to the port and the Buyer wires payment once delivered. The company’s goal is 10-20 trucks per day for this order. To view one of the company’s delivered coal receipts from the port visit,

New Colombia has secured another facility next to a port formerly known as Puerto Vale, now owned by Murray Energy Corp., who acquired the assets of Colombian Natural Resources (CNR) from Goldman Sachs in 2015. The facility is in close proximity to Santa Marta’s municipal port where they have a window to export coal. For pictures of the new port facility visit,

New Colombia will use the new port yard to move coal for several contracts they are negotiating and expect to close this month. They have sourced the coal from various mine owners and will be making announcements accordingly. The Company has also sourced the coal for an existing contract with ASI, with a first delivery of 60,000 tonnes, signed earlier this year that was contingent upon financing. The new contracts to be signed, totalling 100,000 tonnes, will be against a stand by Letter of Credit that can be negotiated and financed.

New Colombia has engaged new auditors that are reviewing their financial reports to file a Form 10K with the SEC. Their previous auditors didn’t comply with the responsibilities of their engagement causing the Company to lose valuable time and money.

The increase in demand from Asia, and the decrease in supply from China, Australia, and N. Korea, have caused an incredible interest in Colombia’s high quality, low cost metallurgical and thermal coal. The Company is getting requests for coal totaling millions of tonnes from China, Europe, India, and Malaysia, to name a few. To fill some of these orders, operating agreements with several mine owners have been signed, with others pending. New Colombia will operate these mines and deliver the coal to their customers at the port on the Atlantic Coast.

Their huge coal property in Guaudas is garnering particular interest from China for thermal coal and locally for metallurgical. They’ve teamed up with experienced coal operators in Colombia and will be teaming up with coal veterans from the U.S., with access to capital and equipment, that see the future in Colombia. This property also has raw building materials that will be extracted to supply the local road projects, particularly the Ruta del Sol that stretches within a few kilometers of their property and ends in Santa Marta at their coal yard. New Colombia will supply material to build the road, then use it to move coal to the port. The Ruta del Sol is fully functional north from Guaudas to Santa Marta, however south from Guaudas to Villeta there are 23 Km being constructed. The Company recently closed on a 300-acre land purchase that covers their mining title in Guaduas, tunnels and bridges are being built near this property making it more accessible to the Ruta del Sol, hence significantly increasing land value. Several negotiations in Guaduas for development of the coal property are pending.

“We will continue to move coal and book sales; the C.O.D. contract we have allows us to churn money and gain the experience to move bigger amounts with an efficient logistics program implemented and a secured port,” stated John Campo, President of New Colombia Resources Inc. Any qualified institutional investor in the due diligence process may contact the company for verification of contracts, delivered sales, property titles, mining titles, etc.

About New Colombia Resources, Inc.
New Colombia Resources, Inc. owns vast reserves of premium metallurgical coal mining titles and a medical marijuana joint venture in the Republic of Colombia. They are setting up a rock mining operation to supply the major road and infrastructure projects within miles of their properties. They own 100% of La Tabaquera metallurgical coal mine in Colombia with an estimated 15- 17 million tonnes of reserves. They have an additional 1196 ha. metallurgical coal mining title that they are negotiating to develop with a foreign entity to build a coal fired power plant. New Colombia Resources holds a significant position in Sannabis SAS which legally produces medical marijuana products in the Republic of Colombia, visit For more information on the Company visit

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