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New Colombia Resources, Inc. Announces their Sannabis Indica Essential Oil and Pure Extract Together Shrunk a Cancerous Tumor by 50% in Three Months in a Terminally Ill Cancer Patient

New Colombia Resources, Inc. (“the Company”) ( OTC PINK : NEWC ), a Colombian natural resource company listed in the U.S., with premium metallurgical coal and medical marijuana assets, is pleased to announce their medical marijuana joint venture, Sannabis SAS, believes their Cannabis Indica Essential Oil, administered along with their Cannabis Indica Pure Extract, significantly reduced a cancerous tumor in an 81-year-old patient.

The patient, an 81-year-old female, had late stage stomach cancer with an 8-cm tumor at the mouth of her stomach. After taking (2) 5 ml syringes of Sannabis’ Pure Indica Extract and (2) 5 ml bottles of their Cannabis Indica Essential oil called SANNAYAH over three months, the patients cancerous tumor shrunk from 8 cm down to less than 4 cm. Although further studies need to be done, both Sannabis and the patient’s caregiver are convinced this combination of products caused this reduction and pain relief.

Originally the patient was scheduled to have an operation last year to remove the tumor. During the operation, once they saw the tumor, doctors decided it was best not to remove it giving the patient a terminal diagnosis and a box of morphine patches. The patient’s daughter then contacted Sannabis and began treating her mother with the essential oil and pure Indica extract. Not only did her tumor shrink, but she didn’t need the morphine patches for pain, and she also stopped taking her blood pressure medication. For before and after diagnostic images of the tumor taken on June 28 and December 7, 2016, visit

The patient’s daughter/caregiver will be filming a testimonial this week to be posted on Sannabis’ website. “This case and others like it is why we’ve worked so hard promote the benefits of medical marijuana in Colombia. This patient’s family did not expect to celebrate their mother’s 82nd birthday last month. We will work even harder to promote the benefits of Colombian medical marijuana essential oils and extracts legally in the U.S.,” stated John Campo, President of New Colombia Resources, Inc.

Sannabis believes the essential oil polarizes the effect or their Pure Cannabis Indica Extract. To view their SANNAYAH essential oil product, visit

To view their Cannabis Indica Pure Extract, visit

Sannabis’ SANNAYAH is the most exclusive product they manufacture. One pound of medical marijuana flower, leaves, and stems is used to produce 5 ml of essential oil using steam extraction. A similar product made in the U.S., at current prices in states where legal, would be very costly to produce and deprive many patients of the benefits of Cannabis Indica essential oil.

A production company from San Francisco is in Colombia producing a documentary, for U.S. distribution, about medical marijuana and is filming promotional footage and testimonials for Sannabis. Today they will be visiting Corinto, Colombia’s top marijuana growing region to interview the Mayor, police, and others promoting a new medical marijuana industry.

To view a nationally televised documentary about medical marijuana in Colombia featuring Sannabis growers, patients, and management, visit the first video on This documentary interviewed Sannabis patients and their loved ones around the country using Sannabis products.

Follow Sannabis on Facebook for photos and testimonials at

New Colombia Resources, Inc.
New Colombia Resources, Inc. owns vast reserves of premium metallurgical coal mining titles and a medical marijuana joint venture in the Republic of Colombia. They are setting up a rock mining operation to supply the major road and infrastructure projects within miles of their properties. They own 100% of La Tabaquera metallurgical coal mine in Colombia with an estimated 15- 17 million tonnes of reserves. They have an additional 1196 ha. metallurgical coal mining title that they are negotiating to develop with a foreign entity to build a coal fired power plant. New Colombia Resources holds a significant position in Sannabis SAS which legally produces medical marijuana products in the Republic of Colombia, visit For more information on the Company visit

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