New York’s medical cannabis is known as one of the strictest in the entire country. At the moment, the program only gives less than four thousand people throughout all of New York medical marijuana. The five companies that are set up in the state decided to grow and process cannabis for people that are suffering from extremely debilitating conditions. But in order to stop the newest industry from going down in bankruptcy, those same companies came together to call for some changes to the Compassionate Care Act, the measure that legalized medical marijuana.

The program was first launched back in January. Since that time, the twenty medical cannabis dispensaries that were supposed to provide to patients have heard over and over again that the business is going to fail if no money is put into anything. Also, they need to give more people the ability to choose medical marijuana over normal prescription drugs. So, in order to stay alive, the give companies have made the Medicinal Cannabis Industry Association, a lobby group trying to persuade more people in the NY General Assembly to have the program grow before it dies because of its own restrictions.

“We’re going around giving an update to the program [and] sharing some of our impressions and talking about ways that we think the program can be improved,” said Ari Hoffnung, CEO of Vireo Health, one of the five medical cannabis companies.

The main obstacle – and one of many – competing with New York’s potential of a successful medical cannabis program is that there are not many advocates that are willing to make a change to the bill in office. At the moment, the two legislatures behind the Compassionate Care Act, Senator Diane Savino, and Assemblyman Dick Gottfried, are the only ones trying to make any sort of change and keep the program alive.

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