For an industry like medical marijuana, New York remains one of the most coveted markets. This is not really a surprise considering the fact that it is one of the most affluent states in the country. However, over the years bills that were meant for legalizing the sale of marijuana were consistently voted down. Entities that sponsor such bills have been trying to find new strategies to counter this. That being said, they have not given up and it seems that they are now in the process of introducing another bill that they believe could become law. It would eventually pave the way for the legalization of marijuana in New York.

The Bill

The bill in question was explained by Democratic lawmaker Liz Krueger. She said that it addresses the concerns that were raised about the previous bill. Krueger has been the advocate of legalizing marijuana in the state for quite some time. She has stated that the points that were raised at the time of budget negotiations are going to be incorporated into the new bill. This fact gives it a much greater chance of being signed into law.

One reason the bill could pass is thanks to certain proposals within the bill. Marijuana and cannabis-infused products are currently sold in the state but remain unregulated. If this bill is passed, one single regulatory authority will oversee the whole marijuana market.

Social Angle

However, a huge motivation for lawmakers to allow the sale of a largely harmless product is the revenues collected via taxes. The revenues can benefit the community as a whole. One of the lawmakers has also proposed that part of the taxes collected from the legal sale of marijuana should be used to help distressed communities in the state.

In addition to that, it has also been proposed that a part of the proceeds should go towards the police force in the city. Krueger said that at this point of time, the numbers are not quite there for the bill to pass. But, it is worthwhile to remember that Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic Governor, is a supporter of marijuana legalization and could prove to be a strong ally when it comes to driving the numbers.

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