HLN talk show host Nancy Grace brought rapper 2 Chainz onto the show Tuesday night to discuss pot. But really it seemed it was more about attacking his character, and being down right racist at times.

Her interview started off with a introduction of 2 Chains, which included mentioning that he is also known as “Titty Boi”, as well as his real name which is Tauheed Epps.

At first it seemed she was complementing him, “I know your persona is different than your rap persona,” Nancy said. She also brings up his 4.0 GPA in college and the scholarship he received to get his degree. But then she launches into a full on attack. It’s hard to tell whether her attack is on 2 Chainz, pot or rap music.

Grace shows viewers video footage and says, “I’ve seen video of you smoking a big fat doobie.”

One of Nancy’s shinning moments in the interview is when she shows multiple (very grainy and hard to decipher) videos of parents supposedly getting their young children high and using the examples to implicate that all people who smoke pot are child abusers.

“I don’t think you can put an umbrella on the community you just named,” 2 Chainz tells her. “I just feel like you can’t use these particular stories to define everybody that has recreational use.”

Possibly the best line of the interview was Grace’s response, “I’m not defining everybody. So don’t put me in that pot and stew me.”

Grace goes on to argue that legalization puts pot into the hands of everyone and how that would make even more people act irresponsibly.

2 Chainz responds with, “I’m not sure if you know, but everybody can get their hands on pot right now, whether it’s legal or not.” He also brings up the fact that everyone can access alcohol right now and people tend to act a lot worse with that.

Really to get the full insanity of the interview, you need to watch it for yourself.

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