Marijuana Stocks Tuesday Morning Newsletter – June 12, 2018


Good Morning & Happy Tuesday! – 6/12/2018!

What’s The Next Big Wave For MJ?
With Canada’s recreational MJ industy recently being legalized, cannabis stocks are captivating the markets. And if you’ve been following along, you would have already seen that new highs have been hit nearly EVERY DAY for the last week with one particular MJ Stock and we’ve got the details for you, here.
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The Ties Between the U.S. Cannabis Market and the Canadian Marijuana Industry
The legal status of cannabis in the U.S. is still extremely difficult to decipher and looks as though it could be changing shortly. This has left a large amount of room for other markets to develop such as the large industry in Canada. There is a large amount of room to grow given the legal issues in the U.S., but many companies have decided to forgo the waiting and move their companies up north. This has meant that a large amount of U.S. companies have been listing throughout various Canadian stock exchanges as opposed to domestic listings.
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U.S. Government Talks Further About Marijuana Legalization

The state of cannabis in the U.S. has been in quite a topsy-turvy area for some time now, with a battle between states fighting for marijuana legislation and the government denying it or at least turning an eye to the legalization. In a note made on Friday, June 8th, Jeff Sessions stated that he had missed an invite to discuss moving forward with marijuana legislation in a meeting with Senator Cory Gardner and President Donald Trump.
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