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The midterm elections are just around the corner and as always, continue to have a large effect on the whole of the marijuana stock market through speculation and the general effect of these actions on the industry. A lot of aspects of this remain up in the air, but the fact remains that marijuana is on the ballot of several different states. This midterm election could signal a complete paradigm shift in the way that the country views cannabis and hopefully could reflect the massive amount of support that the public has shown. Of course, this is more of a long-run aspect of the industry, but the midterms continue to represent an important period for growth across the industry.

The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) has been one of the primary growers of cannabis throughout the Canadian market for some time now. After completing an IPO earlier in the year and raising over $115 million on the TSX, many investors have continued to watch the company for future growth. Based out of Ontario, the company has also shown that they have a massive amount of exposure to one of the largest marijuana markets in the world, and they are well aware of that fact. The company was however subject to the most recent bout of selloffs that occurred throughout the cannabis market, but it shows that the stock has reached value territory, and could potentially show a buy for many investors across the space. All in all, TGOD remains an important stock to keep an eye on as we move throughout the future.

MariMed (OTC:MRMD) has been working as another marijuana stock in the market, but their business model is what continues to set them apart. The company stands to succeed a large amount if the midterm elections are able to go in the favor of cannabis, which seems likely. The company helps cannabis firms navigate the various roads of the market with a series of industry leaders on board the team in various sectors. The company recently saw its stock move up in the double digits while the rest of the industry suffered the aforementioned selloff that occurred, which shows that true value that investors seem to believe about MariMed.

Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE:IIPR) has been another one of the big players in the ancillary market on cannabis. The company works by providing the backbone for cannabis growers to build their operations out in the form of real estate investments and legal help. This has been a big deal for the cannabis industry as often, companies who wish to grow cannabis, don’t have the specialization to deal with all of the laws and real estate issues that come with finding a facility. For this reason, the midterm elections and the legality of cannabis across the U.S. could represent a large opportunity for the company to continue its massive growth trends throughout the future.

The marijuana stock market continues to be incredibly exciting, but only time will tell how these various bouts of news will continue to affect the industry as a whole.

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