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A Must Read Report For Monday’s Open
One company has seen this trend several times in the past with gain potential of anywhere from 50-246%. Does it look like this trend could be back in play?
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Mary Janes for Change:10 of Marijuana’s Leading Ladies And What They’re Doing for the Cannabis Industry
With the rapidly evolving cannabis industry and social media campaigns, such as #Time’sUp and #MeToo, 2018 is becoming known as the year of change. Women and the cannabis industry are making headway and putting themselves on the map; specifically, women in the cannabis industry. In no particular order, here are 10 notable women striving for change and bursting through glass ceilings in the cannabis industry.
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Top Industry Vets Are Heading To One Company!
What’s the key to finding the best opportunities? Look at where some of the biggest names biotech stocks researching the biotech industry are going and what therapies are they looking to bring to market. Pay close attention to revenue opportunities that exist for these therapies. These revenue opportunities could make such industry leaders choose to join a specific company.
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An affiliate of MAPH Enterprises LLC, MIDAM VENTURES LLC., a Florida Corporation has been compensated $2,000,000.00 by a GT Biopharma Inc. for a period beginning August 1, 2017 and ending ending May. 31, 2018 to publicly disseminate information about (GTBP). Midam owns zero shares. Pursuant to an agreement between MIDAM VENTURES, LLC an affiliate of MAPH Enterprises, LLC owner of and Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc, we were hired for a period from 2/2/2018 – 5/2/2018 to publicly disseminate information about (LBUY) including on the Website and other media including Facebook and Twitter. We are being paid $100,000 (CASH) for & were paid “77,000” shares of restricted common shares. We own zero shares of (LBUY), which we purchased in the open market. Once the (6) Six month restriction is complete on 8/2/2018 we plan to sell the “77,000” shares of (LBUY) that we hold currently in restricted form during the time the Website and/or Facebook and Twitter Information recommends that investors or visitors to the website purchase without further notice to you. We may buy or sell additional shares of (LBUY) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information..

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