The cannabis industry has been topsy-turvy in the past few weeks, but this has not in any way negated the potential for future growth in the market. Many stocks have continued to shine amidst the speculative rush of the recent days, and the market continues to present a large amount of excitement to new investors.

The company the Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON) has been one of the better-performing stocks in recent times with an almost 60% gain throughout this year thus far. This number may seem shocking at first, but it has been quite characteristic of the whole of the cannabis market for some time now. The Cronos Group has also been looking for new investments to continue its stream of innovation throughout the cannabis market for the future. With a $2.2 billion market capitalization, it seems as though they have benefitted from having low prices of their dried cannabis product.

The company, however, did see its per gram price fall by as much as 25% from the first quarter of this year to around CA$1.62 per gram of cannabis. This number is quite low, but it does seem that some other companies have been able to move closer to their number in the past few months. The company also recently reported a second-quarter revenue of around $3.4 million which is a staggering 428% increase from the same time of only a year prior. The future will hopefully continue to be bright for the Cronos Group as they continue to work in many sectors of the budding cannabis space.

The next company on the list should be a household name by now as they have been one of the primary players in the market for a few years. The company Aphria (OTC:APHQF) has seen its stock slightly decline this year which could be attributed as a symbol of some of the issues with the market during this year. The company was able to acquire Nuuvera, another marijuana business for almost $700 million which will hopefully help them to move up in their drive to move into the international space. The company has been working to move into two markets around the world. Those markets being that of Germany and Israel, which have both been slated to have some of the largest potentials for cannabis industries of the next several years. The company has also been working to get into the growing cannabis extract market which has managed to stay extremely lucrative. The hopes are high that they can continue their reign into he future.

The company GTEC Holdings, Inc. (GGTTF) has been one of the smaller guys in the market, but for no reason should they be underestimated for their size. GTEC has been working to build their presence in the craft movement of cannabis which has been proven to be one of the faster growing sectors of the industry in recent times. In addition, their business model has presented itself as being vertically integrated which is a big plus for the company as it leaves little outsiders to answer to. The hopes are high that GTEC can continue to help the cannabis market grow toward the future.

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