It’s been just two weeks since Congress snuck a measure into their huge spending bill that pretty much legalized medical marijuana on a federal level. And now, they have pulled the rug out from under the cannabis community with the latest statements from some of Obama’s administrators.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Broderick defended the Schedule 1 classification of marijuana in a federal courtroom in Sacramento recently. Broderick said, “there is some dispute among doctors as to whether marijuana is medicine. There is plenty of evidence to support the government’s claims that ‘this psychoactive, addictive drug ‘is not accepted as safe for medical use at this time, even with medical supervision.”

Broderick’s defense came as a response from the U.S. Attorney’s office to a filing in California that challenged the Schedule 1 classification of marijuana as drug with “no currently accepted medical use in treatment” under the Controlled Substances Act.

Talk about some backwards politics at play. Cannabis is considered, by the US Federal Government, to be as dangerous as heroin. But at the same time they sneak a measure into a bill pretty much legalizing medical marijuana.

James Poulos wrote in the Daily Beast recently, “Obama could announce his intention to reclassify pot. He could deliver a quick, effective speech, or hold a proper press conference. He could order the Justice Department to begin the necessary regulatory work. Or (horrors) he could reach out to congressional leaders in both parties to pursue bipartisan legislation. But he hasn’t. And it doesn’t seem he will.”

It’s hard to say what Obama might end up doing before the end of his final term. But for now, the cannabis community will have to continue dealing with the two-faced U.S. government.

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