Stoners everywhere get excited at the start of every year, just hoping that it will be the year the federal government finally denounces cannabis prohibition for good. The Huffington Post sat down with an Obama administrator recently and it doesn’t look like federal legalization is in the cards, at least in the next two years.

Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor for Strategy and Communications, Dan Pfeiffer, was asked in an interview recently if there are any plans by President Obama to further reform the country’s marijuana laws. There was some discussion offered up by Pfeiffer, but the general understanding at the White House is that there will be no work towards further marijuana reform on a national level during the rest of President Obama’s time in office.

“He’s done two things on this,” said Pfeiffer. “One, the Attorney General has dealt with sentencing disparities with focus, and we have given, within the constraints we have, appropriate deference to the states of Washington and Colorado. And we don’t have anything additional planned on that… Nothing.”

It is hard to say though, how forth coming the administration would be, even if they do have plans to change cannabis policy. Look at all the progress made in the last couple of months of 2014, nothing was publicized in the media before those changes were enacted.

It’s important to remember that before prohibition could be ended in this country, there would be a lot of work to do. There is still too much argument in this country about what actual real live drug reform would look like, not to mention a debate among even weed activists about whether pot should be legal or medical or recreational uses. There are also arguments about having a taxed and regulated system or free reign cultivation.

It’s not hard to realize these days that everyone has opinion about marijuana and how it should or shouldn’t be legalized in the United States. There is such a debate, surround marijuana in this country, that the debate often time clogs up the media and takes the stage, instead of it actually be dealt with and changes made on a federal level.

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