As legalization expands, services such as marijuana delivery are becoming more and more prevalent – with investors putting in money to companies like Eaze, Meadow, and Nugg. For the most part, legal cannabis delivery in American cities is still a distant dream. Even the slick-and-modern apps listed above cannot legally be used in any of the U.S.’s legal recreational cannabis markets. As Buzzfeed reported last year, “marijuana delivery remains illegal in all four of the states that have passed laws legalizing recreational weed — Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska — as well as in Los Angeles, the nation’s largest cannabis market.”

Even those who have a passing familiarity with Colorado’s first-of-its-kind retail cannabis market can likely tell that something is amiss with Weed on Wheels’ website. The site’s design is haphazardly thrown together, and its text ignores the rules of even basic grammar. When asked how revenue is generated for this service, the employee answered candidly: “We’re doing it on a donation basis — for gas, time and delivery. Kinda like they do it on Craigslist.”

“The easiest rule of thumb to remember is: There’s no legal online marketplace for marijuana in Colorado,” DPD spokesperson Doug Schepman told me. “Conducting transfers of marijuana under the pretense of a donation doesn’t make it legal. That’s still an illegal transaction for the sellers and the buyers.”

When Attorney Davis was right: “The only people who can sell cannabis are licensed dispensaries or a caregiver who provides it to a patient in accordance with the voluminous state rules and regulations.” Davis said she has “had criminal cases where the client tried to trade something on Craigslist for cannabis.” “It is legal for adults to give away up to an ounce of cannabis ‘without remuneration.’ Remuneration includes any compensation or trade,” Davis said, “so, in other words, you can gift it to someone when that transfer is not part of a tit-for-tat exchange. Otherwise, you are in violation of the criminal law.”

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