The marijuana industry in recent times has shown a massive amount of success towards future growth. Many companies in the space have been working to partner up with similar businesses to bring even more innovation into the market throughout the future. The biggest one of these conventions in recent times has been the Marijuana Business Conference otherwise known as MJ Biz Con. The event is going on this coming week in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the major hubs for cannabis in the U.S.

According to one report, it has been said that the“MJBizCon, is one of the largest cannabis conferences in the world, and is the preeminent conference to drive business deals and forge valuable connections with cannabis professionals in business today.” One of the largest assets to growth in this space has been the connections of cannabis companies to one another. Since the market around not only the U.S., but the rest of the world is so spread out dependent on legal measures, having a centralized conference like this can be a large benefit to building business connections throughout different areas of the market.

Cannabis in its various forms has managed to seep into several industries and not just the pure growth of the cannabis plant. The industry encompasses everything from packaging to legal and the transport of money. The CEO of the company Cann-Hub stated that the conference is a very important step for their business. He stated that “We look forward to meeting with some of the most sophisticated cannabis operators and other industry leaders at the largest event in the cannabis space.” Many businesses that are in attendance of this show have done so for the potential partnerships they may find when connecting with such a large and diverse group of businesses. This event is known as the largest cannabis industry conference in the world and has since helped to build the stock market upon cannabis even greater as the industry moves forward.

Taken from another report “The event will attract more than 20,000 cannabis professionals and 1,000 exhibitors at the Las Vegas Convention Center.” This type of attendance is something that is important to the whole of the industry if growth is slated to continue into the coming years. Companies at the show will be able to forge the aforementioned connections so that they can begin to reach their full potential with the help of other companies or ancillary businesses. One CEO in the industry stated that “we are thrilled to exhibit at the premier business to business networking event for the cannabis industry. With the demand for wholesale CBD at an all-time high, and overwhelming media interest in the cannabis industry after still more state victories in this week’s midterm elections, we trust this event will be a huge success on all fronts.”

Everything from CBD to the best ways to grow cannabis in its various forms will be shown at the event, making this conference a huge deal for investors and company owners alike. The hopes are high that this years event will help to continue pushing the market forward in the near future.

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