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Albeit people have been legally utilizing cannabis in California for the last twenty years, state lawmakers wish to make sure that residents can be stopped from smoking marijuana inside their apartments as well as other rental areas if voters decide to pass a proposal this fall will be the goal of ending prohibition. Assemblyman Jim Wood introduced a proposal not too long ago that would amend a 2011 medical marijuana law that gives anyone renting out the property the ability to decide whether or not they would allow tenants to smoke cigarettes or other products on the property.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the piece of legislation, AB 2300, would allow landlords to prohibit those who rent their property from consuming all marijuana products on the land. At the middle of the proposed ban, lawmakers are dependent on research from UC San Francisco that states that second-hand marijuana smoke can be just as bad to a person’s heart and blood as second-hand cigarette smoke. This week, the Assembly Judiciary Committee agreed with the results of the study, putting their signatures on the proposal and sending it to the Assembly floor for more discussion.

“Secondhand smoke, regardless of whether it’s smoke from tobacco or marijuana, is especially problematic in multiunit apartments and condos because the smoke easily travels the windows, doors, and other ventilation systems,” Wood stated. “It’s a nuisance that tenants should not have to live with.”

Although California law already claims that it is illegal to smoke marijuana where tobacco has been banned, the California Apartment Association, which is supporting the piece of legislation, wants a solid policy that will give landlords the power to do what they wish with their land. The organization is worried that since California has a good chance of legalizing recreational marijuana in the upcoming fall election, rental properties will become abused by the average smoker.

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