There are two reasons for the new investigation of marijuana by policymakers and journalists. The realization that marijuana will be made legal and the possibility that it could be reversed. The third phase in the history of marijuana research is currently happening.

The main purpose of research on marijuana has been to figure out how the drug caused its characteristic effects. Lyn Howlett and her research team at Washington University in the late eighties discovered the endocannabinoid receptor system. Consequently, this new research focus on cannabis is to better understand how it affects the human body. It is this second phase of research that paved the way for marijuana’s legalization.

While research on marijuana’s effects continues, the third phase of research has developed in response to these reforms in state-level cannabis policy. Those who understand that legalization is not reversible are dedicating greater attention to comprehending the impact of legalization policies. The reactionaries who want a return to prohibition will contend that any negative discovery about marijuana approves their historical opposition to change.

New investigations on marijuana have started. There are two crucial fault lines being uncovered in the study. The first is receiving attention among policy analysts. It concerns whether the priority for public policy will be the publics health or profits. The second fault line is between the interests of the marijuana industry and the interests of its consumers. Both produce problems for the growing cannabis industry.

It may seem that the cannabis industry’s two rivals have some problems of their own. Public health proponents wish to minimize the amount of marijuana used by consumers. Regardless of their differences over the characteristics use and abuse conflicts between the public health community and marijuana consumers, they are delusional because both groups grasp the idea of responsible use.

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