The marijuana industry has been booming for the past several years, but the industries that are supplying the cannabis market might surprise you. Colombia has been at the center of the drug world since Pablo Escobar made the drug war highly publicized back in the early 70s. After the market on cannabis started to become quite legalized throughout different countries, the Colombian market has been booming.

Camilo Ospina, the chief innovation officer for PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings stated that “you are looking at history.” Ospina also stated that he would like to see the “Made in Colombia” sticker make its way around the market given the high amount of regulation going around the space. Ospina further stated that “Our advantage is that the Colombian brand already has a mystique,” he said. “We want to intensify that, so that the Colombian cannabis you already know – the Punto Rojo, the Colombian Gold – is the cannabis you want to buy.”

The issue with Colombian marijuana is the fact that the country is still a massive exporter of illegal drugs, with a report coming out of the D.E.A. last year showing that 92% of seized cocaine last year came from the country. Cocaine has remained a large industry in the country which has made attempts at fair legislation fall by the wayside as other issues seem to be more prevalent. Back in 2016, Colombia passed a law stating that medical marijuana is legal in the country for use domestically and abroad. This is quite a landmark in a country that has had such a tough time with drugs in the not too distant past.

Companies in the country working in the marijuana industry have had an easy time starting businesses because of this new legislation. According to one report “The government started handing out the first licenses to grow, process and export medicinal cannabis in September, approving 33 companies so far. Legal growers such as Canadian-owned PharmaCielo are now raising test crops for upcoming product lines, with the first commercial sales and exports slated for the coming weeks and months.” Having other countries investing in the space shows how much potential the industry continues to have on a global scale.

The goal of the Colombian market is to become one of the larger suppliers to the U.S. cannabis industry but exporting goods to the country may continue to be difficult. Even in the states that have legalized the use of cannabis for medical or recreational use, import of the substance is still strictly illegal. Other countries however such as Germany, Peru, Italy and Croatia are quickly becoming very large markets for the cannabis industry. Two of the countries that have continued to be big players in the market are Canada and the Netherlands. Both of which have some sort of legislation in place for cannabis on a national level. Many industry leaders have stated that Colombia is a center of industry growth around the world and will continue to become more of one in the near future.

One of the main things that makes Colombia so good for growing cannabis is the climate in the nation. Although the climate may be perfect for growing weed, the climate on a political level still has a long way to go. This is not bad news however, but simply a hope for the future. The industry on marijuana has continued to grow at a massive pace throughout the past several years and continues to do so. The hopes are high that the near future will help to present a more positive world that surrounds the industry on cannabis whether it be for medical or recreational use.

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