And so it begins…America’s curiosity is sparked surrounding something that many of us have followed for a long time now: Marijuana; and now it’s gone mainstream! This past Sunday, CNN had a marathon of marijuana media cycling for hours and it all came to a head with their new series, High Profits, the capitalism behind cannabis. What has once been a “taboo” subject is now being looked at as a green rush and a brand new industry for growth, job creation, and among all things, revenue.

Breckenridge, CO was the focus of the show. Caitlin McGuire and the Breckenridge Cannabis Club take the spotlight as the show covers the transformation from medical only sales to the time when Colorado flipped the switch for legal retail sales. McGuire discusses how her decision to sell marijuana in this part of Colorado was key for her to begin to build the company into a “household” name. Terms like “commodity”, “prohibition”, and even “billionaires minted” are just some of the buzzwords thrown around.

Spanning a period of time from 2013 to present, High Profits profiled the business lifecycle for cannabis “potrepreneurs” ranging from growers, retailers, and of course users. Opponents included the mayor (early on, who eventually saw the light), conservative business owners like “art dealers”, and even local chaplains.

Jeff Todd of KDNC Denver interviews McGuire about what the company’s focus is and how The Cannabis Club will thrive while moving through the town’s “hoops” that would limit the store from doing business. Katherine Grimm couldn’t disagree more. Dubbed an “Industry Expert”, she is all for enhancing the marijuana movement no matter where the stores are, however politics try to keep pot shops on the outskirts. Even the fees put in place could be enough to shut down a would-be shop owner so it’s not all fun and games. And don’t even get started talking about the black market “poachers” grabbing a quick flip from those waiting to get into the pot shops waiting to purchase “legal weed”!

McGuire and her team have faced incredible hardships including missed rent payments and even watching their credit score go up in smoke. On top of that, the cash handling issue has put up barriers to doing business as a normal company. Certainly the industry is ripe with opportunity but High Profits has definitely shed a new light onto what kind of fortitude it takes to properly run even ONE dispensary…try seven days a week @12 hours a day. Kaitlin and her team have completely engulfed themselves into this industry so kudos to them. High Profits has shed a bright light on the future of the industry in a BIG way.

Our guess is that this won’t be the last time we see some heavy hitting coverage on the growth within the industry. Economic revenue, new job creation, new sources for sales tax, and a growing user-base are just the beginning.


Is America Ready For #HighProfits? Let’s hear what you think.

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  1. Was anyone else board watching this? I’ll watch the next one just to see what happens next but I think it’s a little slow to start

  2. It really was a great documentary! very informative for where the marijuana space is heading too. Unfortunately we will not be able to see the full potential of this rapidly growing market until it has become legalized on a federal level. Only time will tell…

  3. Great special on CNN I found it very informative I can definitely see the marijuana industry having a great impact for medical and recreational use for the near future.

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