Hemp, Inc.(HEMP) Completes Solar Energy System Installation as Arizona Legalizes Industrial Hemp


Hemp, Inc.’s Strategic Hemp Growing Partner, “Veteran Village Kins Community Arizona, Inc.”, Completes Solar Energy System Installation as Arizona Legalizes Industrial Hemp

Hemp, Inc.(OTC PINK: HEMP) announced today that one of its strategic growing partners, Veteran Village Kins Community Arizona, Inc., has completed installation of the solar and wind-powered energy system for its 500-acre Veteran Village Kins Community in Golden Valley, Arizona.  The Veteran Village Kins Community is designed to grow hemp and produce cannabidiol (CBD) products to benefit veterans as well as generate revenue for Hemp, Inc., the Veteran Village, and individual veterans living in the community.

Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP) said, “This has been an arduous journey for everyone involved, but it has been well worth it. This solar and wind-powered energy system will even allow for high-definition cameras to capture the remaining development of the Kins Community, in real time with live streaming video.  Every methodical step we have taken has put us closer to opening our doors to the country’s first Veteran Village Kins Community, just north of Kingman, Arizona (and only 90 minutes from Las Vegas).”

Perlowin continued, “The timing couldn’t be more perfect since Arizona has taken legislative action to embrace hemp as a viable, new, agricultural product for the state. The ability to grow hemp in Arizona is going to provide an incredible income stream for those who might not otherwise have access to this rapidly emerging multi-billion dollar industry.”

Completion of the solar and wind-powered energy system follows recent news of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s signing of senate bill (SB) 1098 “providing funding for the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s (AZDA) agricultural pilot program allowing universities and those with a license from AZDA to begin cultivating industrial hemp”. SB 1098 states hemp grown in Arizona cannot contain more than .3 percent THC, which is the psychoactive element of marijuana.  The measure, according to Gov. Ducey, “could have a positive economic impact for the state as “this bill opens Arizona to the possibility of a new agricultural product.”

As a global leader in the industrial hemp industry, with the largest multipurpose industrial hemp processing facility in the western hemisphere, Hemp, Inc.’s Veteran Village Kins Community in Arizona looks very promising. In fact, 300 acres of the site are now being prepped to grow hemp sometime next year, says Dwight Jory, Project Manager of Veteran Village Kins Community Arizona, Inc.

The Veteran Village Kins Community in Arizona features a holistic healing and learning center to support veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), opioid addiction, alcoholism, meth addiction and other conditions. Each 2.5-acre lot (a Kins Domain) is designed to be self-sustainable, with 1 acre allocated to grow hemp as well as other areas for an organic garden, natural beehives, a living fence, a pond, a family tree and other elements that would make up a “Kins Domain.”

What started more than 5 years ago, the Veteran Village Kins Community in Arizona is designed to not only grow hemp but to also produce cannabidiol (CBD) products.  Already a $100 million industry, the CBD market is expected to grow over 700% and balloon to $2.1 billion by 2020.

To see the recent Veteran Village Kins Community videos, visit Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook page for the week of May 14, 2018.

As more states continue to adopt pro hemp legislation, more companies are entering the industrial hemp and CBD industry and looking to expand their footprint in the marketplace, thus aligning with Hemp, Inc. for its proven expertise and state-of-the-art hemp processing and manufacturing infrastructure in Spring Hope, North Carolina. Hemp, Inc.’s 85,000 square foot multi-purpose industrial hemp processing facility has been operational since August 2017.

The first company to align with Hemp, Inc. was HQ Global Education, Inc. (HQGE), a scientific research development company.  Hemp, Inc. will provide consulting services in an effort to help HQ Global Education, Inc. expand into the hemp CBD industry through its consultant agreement.

Hemp, Inc. also announced, recently, that it is encouraging large-scale companies to secure their hemp biomass now. There is an increasing demand to use high CBD hemp biomass for the production of CBD distillate and CBD isolate. CBD hemp is a very attractive source of Biomass, especially when good yields can be produced in very large commercial quantities. Hemp, Inc. will be growing up to 25,600 acres of industrial hemp, (40 square miles) to be sold as hemp biomass. According to Perlowin, that amount won’t come close to fulfilling the market demand based on what Hemp, Inc. has already received so far in requests for biomass.  (Be sure to get your hemp biomass now before Hemp, Inc.’s supply runs out.)


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