Avid Donald Trump supporter, Governor Paul LePage, tried to convince Maine voters that legalizing recreational marijuana would be a “deadly” disaster for the state, to no avail. The Governor of Maine is now trying to do away with medicinal cannabis.

On Election Day voters barely approved question 1, which legalizes two and a half ounces of cannabis and six mature plants for adults 21 and over. Since the margin of victory was so close, the opponents requested a recount. Now delayed because of a lack of volunteers from the opposing side to help count, the results will have to wait until 2017.

While awaiting results LePage is trying to convince the state legislature to do away with medicinal marijuana. “Why do we need medical marijuana? I see no need,” he stated during an interview on Thursday with news radio station WGAN. “You don’t need a prescription to buy a Bayer aspirin. Why do you need a prescription to buy medical or recreational marijuana?”

Governor LePage appeared in a t.v. ad in which he falsely stated that the legalization of marijuana has led to many traffic deaths in other states and that “people addicted to marijuana are three times as likely to become addicted to heroin.”

When Maine voters didn’t fall for it, LePage threatened that he’d be “talking” to President-elect Donald Trump about the state’s cannabis concern. Trump has selected Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to run the Justice Department. Sessions once stated that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

If that doesn’t help undo things, Governor LePage will see if he can get the state legislature to debilitate the will of the voters and do away with medical cannabis he stated during his radio interview.

“If there ever were a bill that the legislature should just kibosh, that’s it,” he stated. To make matters worse LePage would also like higher taxes on marijuana sales if they decide to keep it around.

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