A majority of people describe the average marijuana user as young, male, and not motivated.

Written By: Michael Berger

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a majority of people are wrong! Women love weed as much as, if not more than men. If you need proof, just look at the Instagram pages of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

We have seen a multi-generational shift from “Homemaker” to “Potmaker”. Many women have recognized the opportunity to get involved with a brand new business that has tons of potential. This new breed of entrepreneurs are young, ambitious and often female. These women are attempting to “re-brand” marijuana to reach a more professional and sophisticated clientele.

Women are in the center of an emerging trend in the marijuana industry. They are the CEOs and founders of marijuana-related businesses ranging from manufacturing edible products infused with cannabis to running marijuana testing laboratories. They all have different backgrounds, but share a common interest – weed. These women are taking the success from their previous careers like psychologists, doctors, scientists and marketing gurus and are now transitioning into the emerging marijuana industry.

Cheryl Shuman

Cheryl Shuman enjoys her nickname, the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana”. She is a cancer survivor and investor who turned her passion for marijuana into several million dollar businesses. She founded The Beverly Hill Cannabis Club to help change the negative perception of marijuana. She has been described as one of the most influential women in the cannabis reform movement and is also the founder of Beverly Hills NORML. The cannabis media and culture expert is also the executive director of public relations for KUSH Magazine and Moms for Marijuana. This woman does it all! https://cherylshuman.com/ | https://beverlyhillscannabisclub.ning.com/ | https://twitter.com/CherylShuman

Amy Dannemiller

Who wouldn’t want to combine their two favorite activities into one? Baking and weed, what a combination. Amy Dannemiller founded Edible Eats, Edible Events and Women Grow. Amy puts on dinner parties for stoners and these parties are amazing. Amy works tirelessly, and these parties are elegant and the food that she makes is marijuana laced and is delicious. https://www.edibleeventsco.com/ | https://twitter.com/edibleeventsco

Charlene Egbe

However it doesn’t stop there, some women like Charlene Egbe have taken it to the next level. Charlene qui.t her job on air while working for Alaska’s KTVA 11 News. Not only did Charlene quit, but she did it in a fashion that would scare the shit out of most people. She didn’t just slowly enter the industry, she did a fucking cannonball and made a name for herself. Check it out here, it is awesome! https://rt.com/usa/189704-alaska-marijuana-quit-charlo/

The Green Angels

Do you live in NYC? Do you like hot girls? Do you like pot? Well if you do contact the Green Angels. These models own and operate a delivery service in NYC where you can have a variety of strains of marijuana delivered to your door 24/7.

Salwa Ibrahim

Many women have entered the world of marijuana, but very few have made the impact like Salwa Ibrahim. She had the vision and determination to become a major player in the cannabis industry. Salwa is the co-owner of Blum, executive director of MediFarm and the senior vice president of Terra Tech (TRTC: OTCQB). Salwa is on the ground floor of the Nevada cannabis industry and has created a footprint that many entrepreneurs have tried to follow.

Miley Cirus

Besides for the women who are starting up businesses in the marijuana industry, there are many women that just LOVE marijuana. None more famous the pop celebrity Miley Cirus. When she isn’t twerking, singing or licking…she is smoking. Miley has given off the persona that she does care what anyone thinks about her and she is going to do what makes her happy. Haters are always going to hate and Miley is always going to smoke….and twerk. Our respect goes out to you Miley!

This piece was inspired by the recent article by Elle Magazine, check it out here: https://www.elle.com/_mobile/life-love/society-career/leading-women-in-the-pot-industry

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