Even with the sun at scorching levels, a group of cannabis activists in downtown Philadelphia decided to carry a fifty-one-foot joint from City Hall to the Wells Fargo Center. This is actually a 3.5-mile walk, and they say that stoners are lazy. Small crowds came together to see the giant joint inflate. In addition, there were topless women with cannabis pasties posing for photos. Mary Beth Degray, a registered medical marijuana patient, was among them.

“We’re here to let the DNC know that we want them to legalize cannabis federally, and we want it descheduled, not rescheduled,” DeGray said.

She has been calling for the legalization of cannabis for quite some time, using her battle against both Crohn’s disease as well as PTSD to show the benefits of marijuana.

“It’s a plant, and you don’t have to try it if you don’t want to, but everyone should have the right to have access as a first resort — not a last resort,” she added.

Another woman who suffers from awful panic attacks among other conditions had a similar opinion. Morrell stated that she had to begin looking into different medicines to find proper treatment.

A 23-year-old Massachusetts woman who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome and bipolar disorder agreed.
At the age of 18, Brianna Morrell said she started having horrible panic attacks. That’s when she decided to look into alternative medicine.

“I never was a smoker,” Morrell said. “I tried it less than five times in high school; it wasn’t my thing.”

But she says it was the only drug she tried that actually worked. The Democratic Party recently supported a step in marijuana legalization, asking for the drug to be rescheduled by the federal government. Proponents are certain that the move was certainly beneficial, but that there is still a lot to be done

“We can’t seem to get the people to talk to us,” long-term political activist Dana Beal stated. “We’ve been demonstrating Democratic conventions since 1964.”

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