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Easton Pharmaceuticals and BMV Medica Finalize License Agreement With CommonSense Ltd. of Israel to Be Sole Distributor for Patented AL-Sense (Amnio-Sense-Blue) Amniotic Fluid Leak Test for Latin America

Revenue Projections Could Dwarf Britain’s Expected $10 Million per Year Due to Many Times Higher Birth Rates in Latin America

 Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC PINK: EAPH) announces Easton and BMV have signed an agreement and made a payment to Common Sense LTD. of Israel for the exclusive rights to market and sell Common Sense’s AL-Sense (Amniotic-Sense-Blue) Amniotic Fluid Leak Test for most of Latin America.

This Amniotic fluid test is intended for pregnant women, mainly in late-stage pregnancy, to enable them to detect the difference between an amniotic fluid leak which would necessitate a doctor’s visit (as labour has started) and a simple urine leak. The test may also be used by High Risk pregnant women to monitor for Amniotic Fluid leaks beginning at earlier stages of pregnancy. This test is a state-of the art diagnostic test which is in the form of a panty liner, and undergoes a simple color change if the wetness experienced by the pregnant woman is caused by an amniotic fluid leak. The relatively low cost and ease of use is expected to quickly become the test of choice for both women at home and in hospital use.

This test has been endorsed by NHS (National Health Service) in Britain as part of the NICE report (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), which indicates that the device can reliably exclude amniotic fluid leak as a cause of vaginal wetness in pregnancy, avoiding the need for a speculum examination and its associated discomforts. Using the device in the community could prevent unnecessary referrals to secondary care antenatal day units or maternity triage services for speculum examinations, releasing clinical time. Based on cost modeling, using the test offers significant cost savings.

Other countries where the AL-Sense test is being sold include UK, Italy, Japan, China, Israel, Australia and other countries. The product is currently being registered in the USA and Canada.

Easton / BMV are quickly finalizing the packaging design and product insert design to begin sales for this unique test, and expects to launch in its markets later this year or early 2016. BMV/Easton will launch two versions of this test: one for home use and one for hospital use.

BMV estimates that with the high birth rate in Latin America, the ease of use of the test, and the accessible retail price target, the AL-Sense diagnostic amniotic fluid leak test could easily eclipse the expected $10 Million revenues projected for Britain. Britain’s birth rate is approximately 700,000/yr., and BMV markets in Latin America add up to an over 7 million births/yr. BMV expects its target population would represent about 30% of this total pool of 7 million due to the different socio-economic levels in Latin America as compared to Britain, but would still add up to triple Britain’s sales overall over the next few years.

About Easton Pharmaceuticals
Easton Pharmaceuticals is a diversified specialty pharmaceutical company involved in various pharmaceutical sectors and other growing industries including medical marijuana. The Company previously developed and owned an FDA approved wound-healing drug and currently owns topically delivered drugs to treat cancer and other OTC Therapeutic Products that are all in various stages of development and approval. Easton has entered into a 50 / 50 revenue sharing agreement towards being the exclusive distributor in Mexico and Latin America for patented women’s diagnostic products called EvaPro and two generic cancer drugs.

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