Of course, it would be the DEA to compare cultivating your own personal pot at home as the “meth houses of the 1990s.” In a perplexing new report, the DEA guarantees that Colorado’s homegrown pot has prompted huge scale operations that danger inhabitants, neighbors, and specialists on call in view of a progression of conditions that will presumably help the vast majority remember their first apartment or college days.

In its Intelligence Report for June, the DEA lays out what it views as the perils of developing pot at home, which incorporate strong smells, extreme commotion from aerating and cooling, electrical transformers, substantial traffic, dampness, condensation, mold or trapped electrical wires. Of course, cannabis proponents were not pleased with what they saw as a report based on defective science as well as very incorrect information. For example, Mason Tvert, an advocate of marijuana with the Marijuana Policy Project, clarified that home cultivation is not what it was in the past.

“Colorado’s laws have shifted the vast majority of marijuana growing out of homes and into tightly controlled facilities,” he added.

What the DEA did not think about was that any clean grow-home could be taken care of just as any other facility would be, no matter the circumstances. The mold may certainly be an actual concern, but it can be measured through a hygrometer as well as controlled by using a dehumidifier or air conditioner.

Paul Armentano, another cannabis expert, mentioned that the “DEA’s ‘Flat Earth’ position toward marijuana” was based on “outdated and ineffective scare-tactics that contribute nothing productive to this ongoing, important nationwide narrative.” Tvert also mentioned that the DEA’s effort to relate attempt to compare a grow-home to a meth house is of the most ridiculous things ever, especially as more states are deciding to legalize recreational cannabis.

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