In Denver, Colorado, the rules for using marijuana is still a little unclear. Visitors can buy the drug, however they can’t use it in public, or in a rental car, or in hotel rooms. The result of this is something that many advocates feared- visits toking up on sidewalks, in parks, or behind bars and restaurants. Because of this, many are getting written up with consumption tickets. From Denver to Aspen, police have written up nearly 800 citations. Some legalization advocates do believe there is a solution: it pot clubs. Voters may consider it a ballot measure this fall, in order to allow new pot clubs.

“People need a place to go,” said Denver suburban citizen Teresa Wright. “You can go out anywhere and see people using alcohol. To socialize, to relax. But not marijuana. We deserve to have a place. It’s a legal activity.” Wright volunteers in Denver to gather signatures on allowing private pot clubs.

Both Denver and Colorado Springs already have pot clubs, however most operate underground, and have to deal with possible police busts. Additionally, a Denver suburb Englewood recently voted unanimously to restrict any new clubs. Colorado is the only state to have licensed clubs, as Alaska voted on an explicit ban on social marijuana clubs, and many other states are following in their footsteps.

“The fact is, marijuana is all over the city now. It’s so easy to get. Why do they need a club? That’s just going to show kids it’s even easier to get. It’s the wrong message,” said Sara Epstein, 77.

“You don’t want it in your face? Great. Let’s get it off the street. We’re not going to put more people on the road high. They’re already there, probably driving while they use it. So this is better than that,” said Jorden Person, Head of Denver NORML, a company backing the ballot measure.

Person’s group has until the middle of August to college 5,000 signatures in order to put the question on ballots this November.

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