The United States Drug Enforcement Administration have been reluctant to admit that legal cannabis businesses are a part of the United States economy. However, the DEA has still been working with drug pushers to import marijuana products to ensure that Big Pharma dominates the medical marijuana industry.

A federal notice released earlier in December shows that the federal government has given permission to Catalent Pharma Solutions to start importing sundry types of marijuana to be given out to a patient in clinical trials. The “finished pharmaceutical products containing cannabis extracts” will be delivered to the company’s research lab in Kansas City, Missouri, which develops and tests medications.

Cornell Stamoran, Catalent’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy, reported to In-Pharm Technologist, a news source focused primarily on the pharmaceutical industry, that there’s “a growing need for special handling capabilities in pharmaceutical development due to evolving characteristics of pharmaceutical and biotechnology pipeline molecules” and “as these molecules transition to commercially approved products, similar complexities arise in production and distribution of commercial supplies.”

In summation, this means that large drug manufacturers are paying Catalent tons of money in order to help develop medical marijuana products in a way that will result in definite approval from the United States government. The bad news, though, is that actions such as this lead to an obvious segregation of medicinal marijuana products sold in dispensaries and medicinal marijuana products extracted from cannabis that is being created through the federal government.

Albeit certain insiders of the marijuana industry state that the arrival of brands like “Marley Natural” and “Willie’s Reserve” correctly defines what is to be “Big Marijuana,” it remains true that drug companies are still trying to find methods to profit on in the medical marijuana industry, even after 23 states and the District of Columbia have established designated programs. This just goes to show that the marijuana industry “is on a devastating collision course.”

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