Who knew reality TV could actually be beneficial on a social and cultural level. That seems to be what is happening as a result of this seasons hit show “Dancing with the Stars”. One of the most talked about performers on the show is none other than top toker himself Tommy Chong.

Most people’s reactions to a 76 year old stoner on the show was not too positive. But he has avoided elimination so far and has danced his way to the semi-finals. Chong has been very vocal through the years about his love for cannabis. He has definitely caught the attention of the nation as the oldest dancer to make to the semi-finals so far. It could also have been his Cha Cha with Petra Murgatroyd who was dressed as a pot plant that got some attention as well.

Having such a notorious cannabis connoisseur on primetime TV could only help the legalization cause? After all, the top demographic for Dancing with the Stars is the over 50 group. That group typically is also the most conservative when it comes to pot politics as well. Maybe seeing how agile, able and alert a serial stoner his age is, will change some minds when it comes to the next marijuana ballot measures.

Chong’s cannabis use has come into question as far as the show is concerned and he has been very vocal about his decision to abstain from use during the duration of the season. His gestures and jokes about toking throughout the season have also not been quiet. But maybe his reefer references will help change the minds of those on the fence about legal cannabis.

When asked about his presence on the show and what it could do for the cannabis community, Tommy said, “It’s for the world in general. For all of my lifetime and all of your lifetime we’ve been at war. But anywhere there’s cannabis, there’s peace – other than the cartels, and that’s because it’s illegal. Cannabis has been used for eons as a medicine. It calms you down. The way I look at it is the sooner we legalize and make sure that everybody has access to cannabis, the sooner we’ll have a very peaceful, intelligent world. That’s what I represent and that’s what I’m looking for.”


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  1. It was only a matter of time before pot culture merges with mainstream prime time TV. I mean look at the movie industry- there in an entire genre of stoner movies after all.

  2. Leave it to someone like Tommy Chong to bring awareness about the legalization of pot to use Dancing with the Stars to get the message across. Whatever it takes right?

  3. Tommy Chong is an Icon in the world of Cannabis. Hopefully through being National Television it brings only positive exposure for the cannabis community.

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