The cannabis industry has been growing with a massive amount of propensity toward the future over the course of the past few months to years. With new innovations in the market and a growing amount of public backing for the industry, it seems as though the near future has a lot of promise for more and more growth. One of the most promising aspects of the cannabis market has been the companies that grow the raw substance for sale across the world. These companies have been working to increase their supply as demand for the plant skyrockets around various legal markets globally.

One stock that is still on the smaller side, but represents the growers within Canada has been Emblem Corp (OTC:EMMBF). The company is a fully licensed producer and distributor of cannabis and its derivatives throughout Canada which means that they are poised perfectly to take advantage of the new legislation that is going into place there. According to one report on their growth, “The Company recently announced it has established a working capital advance for Natura Naturals Holdings Inc. to support the completion of phase 1 construction while the two companies complete due diligence and negotiation of a definitive agreement in connection with the previously announced acquisition of Natura by Emblem.” This new agreement will mean that they will begin to operate on a 662,000 sq. Ft. Space which means that they can expect to grow annually around 15,000 kgs per year. The hopes are that all of their facilities in tandem will make them able to grow in excess of 70,000 kgs per year, which would put them toward the higher tier of growers in Canada.

Nick Dean, the CEO of Emblem stated that “To further drive our recent revenue growth and support new distribution agreements, including the Ontario Cannabis Store and the Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis Commission, maintaining the momentum of the Natura buildout is a high priority. Immediate production from Natura addresses the growing demand from the new markets coming online for Emblem. The near-term supply supports the continued execution of our aggressive growth strategy.” The hopes are high that they can continue to meet supply demands throughout Canada and beyond.

The company Leafbuyer Technologies Inc. (LBUY) has been another one of the primary players in the cannabis industry, and one that doesn’t directly grow the cannabis plant, but has a large effect on its propagation. Leafbuyer operates as an online resource for the cannabis industry and in turn, helps to direct buyers to the right place to buy cannabis and the right type to purchase. Leafbuyer has become a massive resource for growers and consumers alike to not only disseminate information about their product but also to connect buyers with the right product to purchase. Leafbuyer continues to bind the world of growing cannabis and that of the consumer.

The cannabis industry as a whole has continued to fuel new investments across the space. With new and innovative companies like the ones mentioned above, it seems as though the coming future is incredibly exciting for the whole of the cannabis space. Only time will tell how well the new legislation around the world helps to continue the propagation of the market.

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