The medical condition of the Nelson Teenager has to some degree improved from what is once was and supporters are fighting for him to have access to marijuana oil medication.
Alex Renton, 19 just yesterday was off of his breathing machine for a full 12 hours berating on is own, Seven Sharp reporter Jehan Casinader tweeted this morning
His regiment of marijuana oil is increasing and sedation is expected to lift even more
Alex is dealing with medical issues from a prolonged form of seizure, identified as epileptics and has been undergoing treatment at Wellington Hospital since early April.
His medical condition ignited a national back and forth discussion on the advantages and morality of using marijuana oil for medicinal purposes.
Toward the beginning of this month, the Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne utilized his ministerial powers to give a green light to a one off course of Elixinol, a cannabidiol (CDB) product from the United States.

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