Despite the past two hundred years of the American Republican’s searching for a way to give the power to the states, when it comes to marijuana, they want just the opposite.

In the beginning of the country, the most powerful parts of the government, who had the most control, sat in the hands of the individual states. After various presidents were forced to beg for the resources they needed such as soldiers and finances, the whole situation flipped around giving power to the central federal government.

Most of the time, this leads to prosperity and moral good as certain basic freedoms guaranteed under the constitution can be more unilaterally applied across the country, but in some cases it is not so good.

With the current state of Washington being led by mostly White, rich, nationalists who are the heads of mass corporations and conglomerates, the legislation no longer is fair. With Jeff Sessions also in charge of legislation, bills that need to pass are often overlooked.

While Obama held power, he chose not to change the federal regulations on marijuana, but rather to adopt a policy of not enforcing it as strictly as before. This left the states with the possibilities of experimenting as well as putting in place their own pieces of legislation to see what would happen. This effectively put a strain on the black market, and increased the ease at which patients who needed marijuana for a myriad of health complications such as cancer and HIV (to name a few), could get their medicine.

Currently, Sessions has begun to start a fight on marijuana that has angered citizens across the country. Jonathan Adler, a law professor at Case Western University stated that “the only way to protect state-level marijuana reform efforts is to change federal law, either by ending federal marijuana prohibition or expressly allowing state reforms to proceed.”

Time will tell what happens to the rights of those who need marijuana and whether or not it will rightfully become the state’s choice, or if it will stand in the center of a power struggle between Jeff Sessions and the rest of the country.

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