California is launching a cannabis campaign – Get #weedwise – in order to shut down the illegal selling of marijuana. It has been undermining the legally licensed cannabis market. This public information campaign would encourage consumer awareness, motivating them to verify the legality of their marijuana purchases.

Strong Campaign Push

The motion presented under the campaign is that if someone is buying an illegal product, they don’t really know what they are buying. Social media sites would be filled with ads regarding the campaign and billboards would also promote it. The state website has a list of licensed shops under for marijuana consumers to verify products before buying. The campaign was announced officially on Friday at United Cannabis Business Association organized forum at Los Angeles which featured leaders and regulators from the cannabis industry.

The ads will bring heavy momentum to the campaign, warning the unlicensed cannabis shops to stop running their illegal business or growing pot illegally. Ads would also encourage consumers to purchase cannabis products from licensed shops only. Lori Ajax, Chief at Bureau of Cannabis Control claims that the campaign would help clarify that safety standards set by the state have been met by only those products as sold by the licensed shops.

Update on Illegal Operators

There has been increased pressure for more aggressive and strong-armed enforcement against illegal marijuana operators. The illegal business continues to operate on the side, even after the set legal regulations around cannabis on January 1, 2018. This implies the failure of the system and lack of corporation among the state and local governments. Another reason for this shady business striving alongside is the steep tax rate attached with cannabis licensing. However, these illegal businesses failed to meet the set standards so the product could be adulterated.

The campaign also involves enforcement shutting down illegal operators and licensing willing marijuana business firms. With an initial budget of $1.7 million, the campaign hopes to get many supporters and to be a success in at least minimalizing it. This would help the marijuana industry realize its multi-billion dollar worth.

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