Thursday Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. (BLPG), announced that it is now fully licensed to provide its suite of protection, transportation and compliance services to clients in Nevada.

As a leader in providing regulatory compliance, security consultation and protection services for the Cannabis industry, this is significant. As of today Medical Marijuana is legal in Nevada and if the numbers coming out of other states and the marijuana nation as a whole are any indicator, then there will be an enormous amount of cash that will not be deposited in banks because of archaic federal banking laws. As such there are huge advantages for a company like Blue Line to not only thrive, but to dominate.

There seems to be some confusion, or shall I say a lack of awareness for the services that Blue Line Protection Group provides. Many people think of them as an armored car service for businesses operating in the legal cannabis space. They aren’t wrong, but would you be surprised that they have 13 other services (here’s a link) that they offer clients in the space? Would you be shocked to know that they went from 6 employees to 70 in eight month’s time? My point is expansion is the name of the game for BLPG and its a byproduct of massive marijuana revenues in general. To give you an idea of how much growth there has been in just one year’s time here’s a few numbers for you.

According to Arcview legal cannabis revenues grew 74% (roughly $1.3B) in 2014 making it the fastest growing market in the United States. Estimates have the market being worth an incredible $10,000,000,000 by 2019 as more and more states come online. Companies that are able to expand efficiently within the sector stand to make incredible gains and Blue Line is proving just that by successfully expanding to Illinois & now Nevada. Don’t get the impression that they just have first mover advantage, they’re good at what they do which is why Strain Wise (Colorado’s largest dispensary brand) choose Blue line to protect their 13 dispensaries.

The reality is that Blue Line will continue to expand as fast as Marijuana does throughout the states and as more and more services are needed to protect the crop/money Blue Line will continue to evolve as a juggernaut of a brand with endless possibilities. The biggest issue I see with BLPG is actually a nice one to have, that being a supply and demand issue for it’s services. Sure they can continue to expand and train personnel, but my feeling is that at some point they might have to acquire fledgling security firms with related services and put them under the Blue Line banner. If done well they could potentially acquire companies that already have a roster of revenue generating clients and add to their bottom line which would translate to a higher valuation for the company & higher PPS for the investors.

Nevada is significant to me because it verifies that this company is able to execute on their business model, while evolving with the current regulations within the industry as a whole. Where others see deficiencies & roadblocks Blue Line sees opportunity to fill the gaps. That is why the company is poised to dominate this vertical market…Awesome revenues don’t hurt either.

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