Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been working hard to make his face known for the last couple of months so that he can have a strong backing at the upcoming Iowa Caucus. But this has not discouraged him from attempting to stop the fight against cannabis in the United States by showing congress that even the young people of this country want to end prohibition.

During his yearly State of the Union essay contest for high school students, which has over eight hundred submissions, Sanders included the world of many finalists into the Congressional Record. Two of those essays are written bout the federal government to stop its irrational policies against pot. Mikayla Clarke, who goes to Bellows Falls Union High School, wrote her essay about the high debt we owe and how legalizing marijuana could help reduce that debt.

“By legalizing marijuana, many more job opportunities would open and a whole new industry is created,” she said. “The amount that the whole country would make would be in the billions.”

Clarke claims that the federal government should allow medical marijuana all over the country. She then states that there should be decriminalization laws and then the plant should be legalized completely because it is limiting her and her peers.

“People all over the country are getting into legal trouble for using and possessing marijuana,” she added. “Young people are getting criminal records for non-violent civil offense, and as a result will potentially be not allowed to gain federal student loans or jobs. With our limited police and jail resources, there are more important and harmful substances to focus on.”

Megan Bromley, who attends Milton Senior High School, wrote about her hatred for the amount of rapes and sexual assaults that happen all over the United States, as police still focus their time on incarcerating small-time cannabis offenders.

“We are pouring millions of dollars into our state and federal prison systems and too much of that is going towards people for up to twenty years for marijuana possession,” she said. “However, I propose to use the funding instead to evaluate something such as unprocessed rape kits and begin to treat minor drug use in a proactive manner. Marijuana possession should be removed as a state and federal crime and result in no jail time.”

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