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The cannabis industry is ripe with opportunity. With so much shifting so quickly, it can be difficult to keep up with where the industry is heading. One of the key things to look out for is the value that each marijuana stock can offer. This is usually highlighted in quarterly reports and the news that gets put out. Additionally, the news is quite easy to come by, but it is trusting that news that can be the most difficult part. Whether or not a news source is trustworthy is one of the most valid parts about investing in marijuana stocks.

With a trusty news service at one’s hands, it can become much easier to scope out where the majority of the value is hiding. As marijuana stocks continue to potentially climb into the future, only a few companies really present themselves as worthy of watching. These companies have no prejudice to a specific area of the industry, but rather they are all grouped together by the innovation that they are putting forward.

A Vertically Integrated Marijuana Stock To Watch

1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF Stock Report) (TGIF) is one of the leading vertically integrated pot stocks in the industry. The company has continuously illustrated its potential to produce groundbreaking products across the wide spectrum of the market. The company states that it uses the highest quality ingredients available to put out only the best products for its consumers.

1933 pot stock

With 1933 Industries products available in dispensaries around the U.S. in markets such as California and beyond, the company has managed to continue expanding its reach. Additionally, it has stated that it has massive expansion plans moving into other markets around the nation throughout the coming year. With its subsidiaries, 1933 Industries is able to participate in cannabis cultivation, extraction, and the manufacturing of assets.

Recently, the company announced that its subsidiary, Alternative Medicine Association, has entered into a two-year licensing agreement with The Pantry Company Inc. With this, the two will begin production of new and groundbreaking edible products throughout the Nevada market. This should help to bring a new level of verticality to the business model that it has not yet seen. With this, the hopes are that this pot stock to watch can continue to see success moving into the near future.

How Well Known Is This Marijuana Stock?

Auxly Cannabis Group (CBWTF Stock Report) (XLY) is a pot stock that has not managed to garner a large amount of attention in the current market. With this, the company is working to bounce back from a year-to-date loss of around 36%. While this loss may not be as big as some of the largest players, it is definitely worth noting. The company has had some major issues with profitability in the past year or so which has contributed to its large losses.  aux pot stocks

With a CA$80 million loss on the books, the company could be considered to be a value pot stock at the current point in time. This really comes down to one’s individual investor style and the faith they have in Auxly Cannabis Group to potentially succeed in the near future.

marijuana stocks to watch 2020

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