By: Curtis Davis – Owner, The Occult Network

The Marijuana Legalization Movement that has been sweeping across the United States in recent years has created tremendous opportunities for budding(pun intended) entrepreneurs.

However upon close observation there seems to be a lack of African Americans involved in the vast entrepreneurial opportunities in the cannabis industry. Like many other industries the growers, dispensary owners and ancillary products company owners are predominantly caucasian.

Is this because of racism?, lack of interest by the African American community? or an inability to get financing to take advantage of the opportunities that the lucrative cannabis industry presents.

Because of the amount of African Americans that were incarcerated as result of being involved in “black market” sales of marijuana, this a perfect opportunity for African Americans to become involved in the cannabis industry LEGALLY without fear of incarceration.

The marijuana industry is projected to be a $50 Billion industry at present and is expected to increase exponentially in the future. This is the perfect time for the United States Government through its Minority Business Council as well as its other minority business assistance programs to extend opportunities to African Americans the opportunity to take advantage of business opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Where are the current wealthy black individuals that currently have the capital to finance potential African American entrepreneurs that wish to enter the cannabis industry? Why aren’t current wealthy African Americans forming consortiums, hedge funds, investment groups, angel groups and venture capital firms to finance African American entrepreneurs who are unable to acquire bank financing?

Wake up Black America! Especially Wealthy Black Americans! Recognize the tremendous opportunity in front of you!….the Cannabis Industry. NOW is the time to pool your resources and establish a New “Black Market”.


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  1. It’s time for Black America to “wake up” and take full advantage of this BOOMING industry! After all, the majority of people prosecuted for marijuana are African-Americans and other people of color. So wouldn’t it now be worth the “time served” if we pooled our resources together in an effort to capitalize on an industry that so many of us have sacrificed so much for…..?

  2. Unfortunately in Colorado the deck is stacked against all drug offenders. If you are a convicted drug felon you can not work in the Colorado cannabis industry. Doesn’t matter what color your skin is. Speaking from experience here!
    Peace, Pot, Politics
    Wayward Bill Chengelis
    Chairman, US Marijuana Party

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