There’s a battle being fought in Texas. Both sides are impassioned and not willing to back down any time soon. No, this battle isn’t about land or religion – it’s over the use of marijuana.  As many polls continue to show, a large majority of Texans support medical marijuana. In fact, 76% of Texans support possession and use of marijuana in some form. This comes as no surprise considering the amount of Texan police resources that have historically been allocated to fighting cannabis crime.  It appears that both native and transplant Texans are ready for a change.

Texas is the second largest state by land mass and second only to California in population. The potential medical and recreational marijuana tax revenue alone is projected to be over $166,303,963 for Texas.

Texas House Bill 507 was recently revived & passed in the House. It will now move on the committee that controls the floor calendar. It is expected to be stopped in it tracks until next session.

No matter what happen next for Texas, this will continue to be an interesting state to watch.

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