Today AdvisorShares MSOS ETF begins trading on the New York stock exchange with a focus on, you guessed it MSO’s. For those of you that have no experience with investing in the cannabis industry, or in marijuana stocks an MSO is the acronym for Multi State Operator. These are cannabis companies primarily focused in the United States as opposed to LP’s which are Licensed Producers, companies focused in Canada (that are flailing).
One of the big issues with the MSO’s is that they are not currently able to list on major exchanges like the Nasdaq or New York stock exchange, which means man institutional investors are not able to purchase them. Another issue is that traders from the RobinHood platform are also not able to purchase these companies that in my opinion are the future of cannabis investment. To be blunt (no pun intended), the Canadian market is at best a trade right now vs the United States because of overspending, poor execution, and government mismanagement. If you took the top 3 US and Canadian companies and put them next to each other it would look like Arnold Schwarzenegger (MSOS) and Danny Devito (LP’s) standing next to each other. Therefore MSOS launching today can be a great boost for the sector as well as give retail and institutional investors exposure to the future winners in the North American cannabis market.

Here’s what they are holding….





















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