Cannabis has been legalized in twenty-four states as well as in Washington, D.C. Thanks to that, the chances of marijuana’s current classification. Where it is at know, the federal government states that cannabis has “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” New York seems to be making its own moves towards legalization. New York launched a medical marijuana program in January and had even decriminalized small amounts of marijuana.
This weekend, there was a parade held in New York telling Obama to reschedule the drug. Apparently, some of those that participated have been marching for decades to completely legalize marijuana in New York.
“We’re not looking at the medical statute as any kind of serious substantive change,” Noah Potter, an attorney and organizer of the event, who has been attending since the 1990s, said. “This event has always been about full legalization.”
Not too long ago, the New York City Cannabis Parade was called “Cures Not Wars.” This parade occurs annually and is in support of the legalization of marijuana, and has continued to happen for nearly forty years. They were speaking on about the Marijuana Taxation and Regulation Act (S. 1747/A. 3089A).
“We’ve been doing this for four decades. If we don’t get involved and do the hard work, it’s not going to go anywhere,” Doug Greene, legislative director of Empire State NORML, the New York chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, stated. “Just coming here and listening to me speak and getting high is not going to change anything.”
“Saying the Compassionate Care Act is bad helps our case,” Troy Smit, the director of Empire State NORML, added. “It leaves out a huge population of patients who just aren’t included in the program. Under a legal, regulated market for responsible adult use, nobody would be left out.”


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