Friday’s (6/24) MarijuanaStocks Alert Is…
Advantis Corporation (ADVT)


How’s your day going? #Brexit fears have had ZERO impact on our new alert, ADVT In fact unlike many of the banking stocks, ADVT has actually been “banking” in a big way after quickly becoming a sub-penny that has now solidified its place above the 0.01 mark. Right now we see ADVT trending with heavy momentum making new highs of $0.0124 and stretching an already 100% win even higher…does this remind you of something?

Like we said last night, we don’t do a whole lot of “alerts” but when we find something that’s under the radar and has enough going on in the company that could become a catalyst, we like to bring some attention to it and so far today ADVT has begun to really wake up…and the last time we brought a sub penny MJ “alert” in front of everyone we saw it run from sub levels all the way to the low THIRTY CENT range. This could be just the very early beginning for ADVT in our opinion as we continue to have “High” expecations for the low pps MJ company.

If you’re just pulling this up for the first time, we’ve kept the full report below. ADVT has quickly caught attention today in a market where everything else is red. A little GREEN from the MJ space doesn’t seem to have hurt too much either and this could be well on its way to continuing the GREEN trend. Stay Tuned!



Who Is ADVT?


The company has most recently begun focusing on the medical marijuana industry. Earlier this year, ADVT partnered with Natural Elements, Inc. to supply the mutual benefit corporation with all the tools necessary to support its business. The medical marijuana business in California is limited to non-profit organizations comprised of member-patients that have received a prescription for marijuana from their doctor.

ADVT will be supplying Natural Elements Inc. with all necessities required to facilitate their organization’s growth and delivery process to its member-patients. ADVT will supply Natural Elements with agricultural equipment, packaging materials, product delivery solutions, and has put a cross-consulting arrangement in place.

ADVT will be looking to supply additional cooperatives in California, while it works to scale a more profitable business model through its partners (from seed to sale) in states like Oregon and Washington, where this medicine is fully legalized. Further to this ADVT announced JUST THIS MONTH that they’ve engaged in a letter of intent with Hemp2Health, LLC to provide high grade CBD oil extract for ADVT‘s product lines.

And here’s probably one of the most interesting things going on with ADVT: They announced THIS WEEK that they’re going to sub-license N2 Pack’s patented packaging technology to marijuana dispensaries. N2 Packaging Systems LLC has developed a packaging system that hermetically seals cans for freshness, longer shelf life and target branding. ADVT has secured rights to a packaging machine and license to sub-license the product and process to California, Oregon, and Washington marijuana dispensaries. And with built in RFID devices, N2 Pack technology allows suppliers to track, store and market their products to dispensaries and consumers.


Why “Alert” This Now?


Similar to what we saw at the early stages of our last sub-penny MJ alert…this is a company in the infancy stages of development. They’ve got agreements in place, licensing rights, and a nice LOI from earlier this month so it would appear that there could be a lot coming by way of confirming the progress of all of these building blocks that have been put into place.

Obviously we have “High” expectations and this could quickly become a technical speculation play that turns into something much bigger (those who saw the 0.004 to 0.32 run know what we mean). So in short, why alert this now? It’s at very low levels and there’s a lot that has started to happen with the company…these could be VERY STRONG catalysts heading into Friday morning and potentially beyond. With the way the rulings are planning to change for the scheduling of Marijuana and the upcoming elections, this could become a VERY IMPORTANT time to be watching lower level marijuana stocks.

So what do you do next? Simply put, if you are planning to be active Friday (6/24) morning, BE READY…we’ve kept our eye on this for a few weeks now and as we said above, we have “HIGH” expectations for ADVT. If this hits anywhere NEAR our last profiled sub penny mj alert, this could end up being one of the biggest alerts we see all year!


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