Trump’s Secret Service Can Now Smoke Cannabis


Finding a U.S. Secret Service candidate with no history of smoking cannabis has become so rare that the agency’s new director, Randolph Alles has decided to become more lenient on the issue. Alles announced last week that his office would relax their drug policy for potential new recruits.

At a recent press briefing, the three-month experienced director spoke to reporters stating that it has become increasingly more difficult to find applicants as the majority of them have a history with cannabis.

Due to this, as of last month, the Secret Service agency has changed its policy in favor of marijuana. The new policy states that the agency will not disqualify potential candidates simply due to their history with marijuana. Rather, they will take into consideration solely their current states with the plant.

Applicants twenty-four and under only have to show that they have not used the cannabis for at least twelve months. Applicants who are twenty-eight years and older are required to not have used it within at least five years.

Despite being more lenient to candidates who have smoked in the past, Alles stated that the Secret-Service Agency would still conduct a strict interview process including an in-depth background check as well as a lie detector (polygraph) test.

Due to the fact that marijuana use has skyrocketed in the past ten years with many states legalizing the medicinal plant, the attitude toward it has become more relaxed. Alles and his agency realized that it would be impossible to find qualified applicants who had not smoked marijuana in the past.

Alles stated that the office employs several thousands of people and would not be able to find a steady stream of possible employees without changing their harsh policy. The new policy is expected to result in the hiring of over ten thousand new employees over the course of the next few years.

With the current state of the presidency, Alles, according to CNN stated that “We need more people. The mission has changed.”

The speculation is that the Secret Service, who’s job is to provide not only security for the president and his family, but also investigate financial crimes, is having an increase in hiring to deal with the rise in anti-Trump cases expected to occur over the next four years.

The agency has many issues in the modern world to combat with its massive body of agents, but without a viable pool of candidates, the agency would see a steady decline.


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