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Florida Marijuana

The Florida Health Department made an order to stop selling a “whole flower” marijuana product that can be smoked in vaporizers, stating that it is illegal. Quincy-based Trulieve started selling “Entourage,” a whole flower product meant to be used in the Volcano vaporizer, last week.

The Health Department sent a letter to Trulieve after the News Service of Florida reported that the flower of the marijuana plant can be easily smoked in pipes, bongs, or joints, which are violations of the current medical marijuana laws.

“Licensed dispensing organizations have a responsibility to ensure their product is not one that can easily be transitioned into a smokable form. Therefore, whole flower products are not permitted,” says Christian Bax, the director of state Office of Compassionate Use.

Florida law does not permit medical marijuana smoking except using vaporizers. Trulieve’s products are in “small, wire mesh bags” in vaporizer cups. The caps can be easily removed.

The company was “surprised by the letter” but is “ immediately and completely complying with the department’s wishes while evaluating our options.” They believed that the product was legal and they had been selling the product for almost a year.

“We feel very strongly that having products available that allow patients to have a choice and to benefit from the entourage effect, also available to physicians to make recommendations to patients, is critical. So if that means we’re pushing the envelope, we’ve had a form of whole-flower vaporizer available from the day we’ve opened. This has always been part of our product line and will continue to be in the future,” says Kim Rivers, the company’s CEO.

Law makers were not able to reach an agreement on a constitutional amendment for medical marijuana regarding patients with debilitating diseases., but they all agreed on one thing: Smokable products should not be permitted.

The sale of smokable marijuana surprised the key legislators in Florida. Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan pledged to sue the state on the smoking marijuana issue, which was approved by over 71 percent of voters in November.

Advocates and patients say that the whole flower is stronger than processed products like oils or vape.

However, the state Department of Health disagrees. “The state’s marijuana operators are allowed to seek permission to sell ‘ground cannabis plant material’ meant to be vaped,” said Bad last Monday, “however, as conveyed to Trulieve in a June 28, 2016 meeting on this matter, dispensing organizations may not dispense easily breached products containing whole flower.”

He also criticized Trulieve for promoting the vaporizer but not selling it. Although it is available, the purchase of delivery products not from a dispensing organization is illegal.

“The department reminds Trulieve that all sales, possession, and use of cannabis outside of the provision” of Florida laws “are a potential criminal act,” says Bax.

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Despite the voter-backed medical pot bill which won by over 70 percent back in November. State legislators in Tallahassee are doing everything in their power undermine this giant shift in Florida.

On the other hand medical pot dispensaries are slowly becoming a reality in south Florida. Miami’s first legal storefront dispensary just opened last week, just across the bay near the airport, commissioners will vote on where three new dispensaries could open in Miami Beach.

“ We have been delivering to the Miami area since July, but we’re very excited to have a brick-and-mortar storefront so patients can avoid delivery fees,” said Kim Rivers, spokesperson for Trulieve, the North Florida based firm behind the first dispensary in South Florida.

At this moment, The dispensary is operating under rules that were passed in 2014 and 2015, which allows low-THC products for certain illnesses and full marijuana products for those who are terminally ill. The shop has a variety of marijuana-based medicines ranging from vaporizers to pills and drinks for qualifying patients.

Once Tallahassee gets around to accepting this medical bill, the dispensary will be available to a vast range of patients.

The trulieve location wont be Miami-Dade’s only dispensary for long. After months of de-facto banning of medical pot storefronts, The commissioners at Miami Beach will vote on Wednesday as to where the dispensaries can operate on the beach.

Currently there are three licenses available for South beach, Commissioners have to decide how the companies will be zoned and operated, considering locations in south beach, Mid-beach and north-beach.

Choosing the locations will definitely be the main issue at hand, because medical marijuana has been treated and looked at as much less dangerous than other popular drugs. Critics have actually been making fun of the commission for repeatedly delaying the votes, accusing commissioner Ricky Arriola for rifling up voters with “ not in my backyard” comments about the use of marijuana.

Once South beach does get everything together, there will extremely difficult competition for the available licenses. Making the prospect of medicinal marijuana in southern Florida a lot more tangible in the near future.

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The main medical cannabis dispensary in the state opened its entryways Tuesday in Tallahassee, and the CEO of the apportioning organization says a Pensacola area is next. Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve, said Wednesday that the organization has recognized an area inside Pensacola City limits, got zoning confirmation, and is in the allowing stage with the Department of Health. City Representative Vernon Stewart affirmed that Trulieve had presented a zoning check structure for 3119 N. Davis Highway.

Rivers said the company would work with draftsmen to arrange the fundamental security remodels to change over the area into a dispensary. Rivers did not have any desire to conjecture when the Pensacola dispensary may open, however, said they are “prepared to move as quickly as the process will allow. We think it’s very important that we’re serving patients here in Northwest Florida, so Pensacola is definitely an important market for us,” Rivers added.

Trulieve is the apportioning arm of Hackney Nursery Co., one of the state’s six authorized therapeutic pot producers. Hackney Nursery is only outside of Quincy and was recompensed the permit for the state’s Northwest region. The organization as of now offers low-THC pot medicines, however, plans to have full-strength strains accessible for qualified patients by August.

Trulieve beat out the state’s different producers to start apportioning medical pot, getting in first on what’s liable to end up a lucrative industry. With an alteration on the November ballot that would open up therapeutic cannabis medications to a much more extensive scope of patients, the dispensary that can snatch the greatest market early stands to make an impressive profit. Trulieve as of now offers statewide conveyance and, notwithstanding Pensacola, its site records “coming soon” areas in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Bradenton. The North Davis Highway location is zoned modern and sits only feet inside city limits in City Council District 6.

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Two years ago, state lawmakers, as well as Governor Rick Scott, approved of medical cannabis in Florida. Now, the first dispensary is going to open next week. The Florida Department of Health on Wednesday gave Trulieve, a North Florida cultivator and dispensary, the ability to open up in Tallahassee and begin delivering marijuana throughout the state. When Trulieve opens on Tuesday, it is going toe the first time strains of cannabis are going to be available under a law in 2014 that intended to give medical marijuana with not much THC, the psychoactive ingredient, to patients suffering from cancer or experiencing seizures.

In addition to that, five other nurseries are going to start cultivating and extracting oils from marijuana, according to the Department of Health, and might soon follow in the footsteps of Trulieve and legally sell medical cannabis. For parents such as Donna Perez of Sebring, the opening of this dispensary is great news. Perez’s 3-year-old son, Noah, has seizures every day. She needs to be by Noah and take care of him all day, ensuring that he takes six medications daily. Noah still has seizures all the time and according to Perez, can’t even smile anymore.

“Maybe he can function for a day or not have seizures for a day or not choke,” she stated. “Even if it doesn’t work it would be worth a try.”

Patients, many of which are kids, have been waiting because of legal challenges as well as the drafting of state laws that delayed access to marijuana. As a result, many have been turning to the black market in order to get their hands on some medicine, according to Moriah Barnhart of Tampa, who founded CannaMoms in 2014.

“We’re spending all night watching our children to make sure they’re still alive and at the same time watching out the window to make sure we’re not being raided” by cops, she stated.

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