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Research has shown that cannabinoids can alleviate glaucoma-related symptoms because they lower the intraocular pressure (IOP) and have neuroprotective actions. For example, in 1971, one of the first studies of its kind found ingestion of cannabis lowers IOP by 25 to 30%. Despite the findings from early research, very few ophthalmologists support the use of medical cannabis in patients with early to mid-stage glaucoma. The main issue ophthalmologists have with marijuana is that the potential adverse effects, particularly smoking cannabis, outweigh the short term benefits. For example, smoking can lead to unstable intraocular pressure, which heightens the risk of permanent vision loss.

Additionally, because its therapeutic effects on glaucoma are short-term, patients would have to consume marijuana frequently; once every three to four hours. Physicians claim that because glaucoma needs to be treated 24 hours per day, patients would need to consume marijuana six to eight times over the course of a day to achieve consistently decreased IOP levels. Such frequency is difficult to maintain and could heighten the risk of developing a marijuana use disorder. However, when it comes to late stage glaucoma, ophthalmologists are more inclined to embrace cannabis as a treatment. At the end stages of glaucoma, it is less about directly targeting the glaucoma and more about alleviating the accompanying symptoms.

Ophthalmologist Andrew Bainnson, MD stated, “We’ve known for some time that medical marijuana is very effective for treating nausea and pain, but not so much for glaucoma. However, there are some patients with end stage pain and nausea who may benefit [from medical marijuana], but not from the glaucoma point of view.” The body’s own internal cannabinoid system, called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), is one of our most important physiological systems. Nearly every aspect of our health including: inflammation, immune response, neuroprotection, pain modulation, are all dependent on the ECS. Given the vital role of the ECS, particularly in neuroprotection and inflammation, many scientists believe the development of cannabinoid-based medications may be useful in treating glaucoma.

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Cannabis compounds are being used to tackle kidney failure amongst diabetics in a major new research project.

Researchers working on the Aberdeen University study, which is funded by Diabetes UK, will explore whether synthetic cannabinoid compounds can be used to make the kidneys respond better to insulin.

Active ingredients in the cannabis plant are already known to have beneficial effects for treatment of a number of conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis.

They do this by acting on the body’s own endocannabinoid system, which is made up of CB1 and CB2 receptors.

” Around 3.2 million people in the UK have diabetes and it is estimated the number will rise to 5 million by 2025.

Around 40 percent of diabetic patients will go on to develop kidney failure.

The research team at Aberdeen University -led by Dr Delibegovic, together with Prof Roger Pertwee and Dr Maria Cascio – are collaborating with Bristol University who have been given access to human cells from patients with kidney disease.

The new cannabinoids will be used to see if they improve insulin sensitivity in these cells.

The ones that show improvement in human cell lines will then be tested in mice to allow for further exploration.

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Recently, a hemp bill was signed into law to help people with epilepsy by Governor Pat McCrory.

As a result, people in North Carolina that suffered from epilepsy were officially able to use hemp extracts as of August 1st. This is an oil that cannot get you high.

The initial bill needed neurologists to undergo a study if CBD oil was to be offered.

The new bill, however, removed the need for that study because doctors were not trying to offer or recommend the CBD oil.

Many families in North Carolina migrated to Colorado specifically for CBD oil since it is legal there.

Many of these families say that the CBD oil has been very helpful with their children’s intractable epilepsy; always something good to hear.

For instance, Liz Gorman, a mother, moved from North Carolina to Colorado Springs so that the hemp extract may be used to help Maddie – her daughter.

For some time now, Gorman has been rallying the North Carolina State Legislature to pass the new CBD bill that was passed into law by McCrory. Now, many concerns are being raised over how families will be able to obtain the CBD oil.

“It’s illegal federally, at the moment, to travel with it. But there are some companies that are shipping it and have been doing so for a little bit. There are also people who supply it from South Carolina. South Carolina’s bill allows for the cultivation as well,” is what Gorman said. “It’s going to be wonderful for these children that are in Colorado now to be able to come back home.”

The bill was passed in the Senate 47-0. In the House of Representatives, the bill passed 112-2.

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