Recent Study Shows Benefits of Marijuana For Children Diagnosed With Cerebral Palsy Diagnosed Children


A recent study conducted at the Wolfson Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel has shown that children who suffer from cerebral palsy have seen significant improvement using medical marijuana.

According to their findings, children who used cannabis oil as a treatment, saw not only reduced symptoms, but it also contributed to allowing them to sleep, have proper bowel movements and overall quality of life.

The study consisted of 40 children with the backing of MMJ company Tikun Olam that began about three years ago. The treatment has been given to almost 36 children up until this point, with the vast majority continuing treatment with the plant.

Child neurologist Luba Blumkin stated that “we included the hardest cases in the study, with the highest level of motor disorders.” Blumkin further stated that “Usually the motor disorder comes with other problems, like problems with bowel movements that cause pain, orthopedic problems that cause pain, and problems in swallowing and chewing, which make it necessary to feed some of the children by tube directly into the stomach. the pain, which increases with time, causes sleeping problems and makes treatment difficult because every touch is painful.”

The debilitating disease was shown to have improvement during the first two months of treatment. During those first few months, the children all were given cannabis oil three times a day either through oral methods or the aforementioned feeding tube. This was in addition to their regular medicine.

Blumkin further stated that “we used several evaluation indexes for the treatment’s effectiveness, such as the effect on the spasticity (muscle contraction), dystonia (involuntary movement) and motor changes, like if the child rolls over or stretches his hand out better. We also checked effects like mood, sleep, constipation, pain and quality of life.”

With promising results, the hopes are high that marijuana can become an effective treatment for a disease that hurts so many.


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