NORML Pledges to Fight After Trump Cabinet Speaks of Marijuana Crackdown


The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is showing a distinct signal to the cabinet of President Donald Trump after the latest in crackdown laws aimed at legal marijuana in Colorado and other states. This has taken place by Justice Department officials Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein. The NORML policy director Justin Strekal debuted a statement claiming, “Should the Department of Justice decide to throw out the Tenth Amendment and respect for states’ rights as they govern their own intrastate commerce, they’re going to have a fight on their hands.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was scheduled to speak at a U.S. Senate appropriations subcommittee yesterday, June thirteenth, but that appearance never occurred due to his being called before a different body to supposedly answer, but mostly avoid questions about possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

Because of the supposed corruption, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appeared in his place. Rosenstein responded to an inquiry about medical marijuana policy from Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski stating, “We do have a conflict between federal law and the law in some states. It’s a difficult issue for parents like me, who have to provide guidance to our kids… I’ve talked to Chuck rosenberg, the administrator of the DEA, and we follow the law and the science. And from a legal and scientific perspective, marijuana is an unlawful drug. It’s properly scheduled under Schedule I, and therefore we have this conflict.”

The choice to schedule marijuana as schedule one is a hot topic, as has been reported multiple times. There are many bills before Congress that aim to change marijuana’s scheduling from schedule I (Implying that it has the same risks as Heroin and Methamphetmine), stating that it has no medicinal benefits, to Schedule II, or Schedule III.

Strekal, who is in favor of de-scheduling the plant, is not at all shocked by Rosenstein’s statements. He has been quoted saying that marijuana should in fact be de-scheduled, and that the laws around it are extremely harsh. He has also stated that it is unfair for the federal government to be involved in the legislation of individual state law.

Although during Trumps 2016 campaign, Trump has positive things to say about medical cannabis, he has since ripped apart recreational cannabis laws. If you have an administration that treats a scientifically proven medicinal plant as though it is a schedule one narcotic with no health benefits, as well as refusing a law that is authored by a branch of the government, it becomes an extremely volatile situation.


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