America’s War On Drugs


The premier of the first part of the History Channel’s new four-part series called, America’s War on Drugs aired last night and this documentary has many people excited.

The first episode opens with the voice of former CIA officer Lindsay Moran saying, “The agency was elbow deep with drug traffickers.”

America’s War on Drugs provides describes how the CIA became allies with the mafia and foreign drug traffickers to keep America safe in the fight against communism over the last 50 years. The series will disclose information through firsthand accounts of former CIA and DEA officers, major drug traffickers, gang members, well-known experts, and insiders.

Richard Stratton, a marijuana smuggler turned writer and television producer, said, “Most Americans would be utterly shocked if they knew the depth of involvement that the Central Intelligence Agency has had in the international drug trade.”

An Untold Story of Corruption at the Highest Level of Power

America’s War on Drug provides new information from a time when the United States allowed the groups to grow their drug trade in exchange for support against foreign enemies.

This series is significant since it represents a first for the United States television industry. For the first time in history, a television station will report the true story behind one of the most significant issues of the 20th century.

The war on drugs has been one of the largest resource drains in America’s history and has resulted in the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of non-violent offenders. The series explains how the Federal government engaged in a shifting series of alliances of convenience with some of the world’s largest and most dangerous drug cartels.

In 1971, former President Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs and since then, the incarceration rate has quintupled. While this was going on, the country’s biggest dealers enjoyed the protection provided from the highest levels of power in America.

Cleaning out America’s Closet

Although many proponents to the war on drugs know this story (and most likely told it several times), a vast majority of America is unaware. The series could serve as a watershed moment as the masses learn the reality behind of one the most cynical and cruel policies in America’s history.

From Florida mob boss Santo Trafficante, Jr. to the Sandinista government in Nicaragua, the CIA had its hands in everything. This series provides some interesting insight to events that took place during our 16-year-long war in Afghanistan and is one that cannot be missed!

Authored By: Michael Berger


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