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New Laws On Marijuana May Have The Industry Exploding

According to Senator Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton, the new medical marijuana laws take home-grown industry created by a 2008 ballot proposal and have the industry explode. A caregiver could grow up to twelve marijuana plants for each patient and could not serve more than five patients under the old law. The law was unclear about dispensaries, leading to a surplus in some cities like Detroit that basically pretended not to notice the businesses in their communities and a police force in other towns that shut down businesses with immunity.

Three classes of growers are described in the new laws: [continue reading]


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Marijuana: Which Side Are You On?

In the legislative debate over the full legalization of marijuana, both sides believe it is essential to consider Connecticut’s children. Opponents of commercial farming and sales say that if Connecticut joins the states with full legalization, use of the substance by teens is sure to increase. Supporters of recreational use for residents 21 and older say that teenagers and young adults would be freed from the potential lifelong stigma of police records they now face when caught by law enforcement.

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Democrats Believe The Federal Government Should Manage The Marijuana Industry

New legislation introduced by Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Earl Blumenauer, both Oregon Democrats, would take marijuana off the list of federally banned drugs, tax it at a rate similar to alcohol and tobacco, and end the threat of federal criminal penalties for businesses operating in states that allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Democrats from marijuana legal states believe so many Americans have access to marijuana products that the federal government should start managing the industry.

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