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Could A Proposal Protect Recreational Cannabis From Federal Enforcement

A new proposal before legislators in Salem is arranged to protect people who purchase cannabis in Oregon. It’s considered emergency legislation, which means that if passed, it would immediately take effect. This proposal comes after comments from the federal government about pushing back on the six states that have legalized cannabis…[continue reading]


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Marijuana Consumers Are Supporting Local Pot Shops Over Underground Dealers

A report recently showed that legalized marijuana sales are already draining billions of dollars of profit from the black market each year. Each day more and more consumers choose to support their locally taxed and regulated retail outlet instead of an underground dealer. According to the Arcview Market Research report, Cannabis Market Research, Americans and their Canadian fellows spent $53.3 billion total on marijuana in 2016, but only $6.7 billion in the legal North American market. That means there is a lot of room for growth. CEO of Arcview, Troy Dayton stated, “The enormous amount of existing, if illicit, consumer spending sets cannabis apart from most other major consumer-market investment opportunities throughout history”…[continue reading]

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#ICYMI: List Of CBD Stocks To Watch

For a fairly new market, the Marijuana industry has been embracing unprecedented levels of growth over the past decade. The surge had every investor frantically logging in to their e-trade accounts trying to find the next big Marijuana stock. Although the previous focus of the medical companies was based on the harvesting of the THC component of Marijuana, many have recently discovered the true health benefits of Cannabidiol; a part of the plant that only holds its health benefits and not those that get you ‘high.’

Based on the attention the industry is getting, it seems fitting to highlight some of the most active CBD stocks to watch this year. Here are several CBD stocks on our own list…[continue reading]

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