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Will These Marijuana Stocks To Watch Rebound In 2021

Will the Cannabis Industry Make Gains For The End Of The Year?

Last week was a tough week for marijuana stock investors. Most of the gains seen in August were given back in September. Some might see this as a negative for stockholders but understanding the market volatility of the sector can help you better capitalize off these swings in trading.

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Take this pot stock for example Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. (IIPR Stock Report) this stock has seen a great run since May up more than 50%, and also giving a dividend to investors. Although rare, this type of ancillary marijuana stocks are growing alongside the cannabis industry. Ancillary cannabis stocks are for traders that like more stable marijuana stocks, IIPR is a possible pot stock to add to your portfolio.

Will We See a Rebound From August Highs?

Another cannabis leader in the Industry Is Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (OTCQX:TCNNF) Truelieve has given investors a good run since June. Down from its August high of around $25. This Company has focused its operations in Florida and is expanding rapidly even during 2020’s pandemic shutdowns. With its current price activity, TCNNF is a marijuana stock to watch.

With the stock market rallying from the pullback, it had earlier in September marijuana stocks could see some gains from the improved market sentiment. As an investor always do your research and get familiar with the companies you invest in before you pull the trigger.  With that said, look for these pot stocks to watch to possibly rebound to their August highs.

 A Large Cap MSO with a Green Thumb


Green Thumb Industries Inc. (GTBIF Stock Report) is one of the leading national cannabis consumer packaging and retailing companies in the states. They are also the owners of the popular dispensaries Rise and Essence. Headquartered in Chicago Green Thumb Industries has 13 manufacturing facilities and licenses for 96 retail locations across 12 U.S markets. This multi-state operator is one of the top-performing cannabis stocks to watch in the industry.

GTBIF has seen a recent price drop from its August high in the $16 range. Trading currently at the $12.30 range this stock has profit potential with the improved market trends. As the stock market rally’s look for this possible stock to buy to improve in October. With Green Thumbs Industry generating an operating profit and expanding its footprint in the states quickly, look for this to be a top stock to watch going forward.


The Small-Cap with a Potential for Gains


Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. (HRVSF Stock Report) is a vertically integrated multi-state operator from Arizona. Recently opening its 15th dispensary in Phoenix this rapidly growing cannabis manufacturer and dispensary retailer is on the marijuana stock watchlist. Back in May, the company seems to have refocused its dispensary locations selling 13 of its California locations to Hightimes Holding Corp. The move seems to be one that keeps Harvest Health concentrating its growth closer to its home state and also into new and emerging cannabis markets.

HRVSF stock has not recovered as much as other MSO’s in the industry this year. This is due to its financials showing signs of struggling during the COVID pandemic.  With a downtrend in the trading price for the end of September. The recently improved market might make those trends change directions. Trading in $1 range this stock is primed to make a comeback to its pre-covid form. With a better Q4 performance Harvest Health could be a marijuana stock to rebound for the end of 2020.

The Cannabis Industry Positioned for Growth

In conclusion, the cannabis industry is positioned to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in modern-day times. Making the right investments into it now could add tremendous value to your portfolio. No investment is full proof but with proper research, you can catch one of these stocks on the rebound.


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